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Foundry - Hiero

Foundry - Hiero


Foundry's Hiero® products are purpose built multi-shot management tools that support smooth collaborative working, quick production turnaround and delivery. If you work with Nuke® or other post production solutions, you will likely face the demands of managing high-quality, tight-deadline multi-shot production. Our Hiero products scale perfectly to offer efficiency in everything from desktop playback to single seat or collaborative conform through delivery workflows.

Which Hiero is right for me?

  • Powerful multi-track review timeline
  • Time saving and familiar editorial toolkit
  • Comprehensive versioning and media management
  • Open & scriptable playback framework

  • All of Hieroplayer's features PLUS
  • Collaborative and open production workflow
  • Advanced shot management and export functionality
  • Fast and simple conform workflow
  • SDI broadcast monitor support

About Hiero®

Hiero gives you an all-in-one shot management, conform, edit and review solution that makes it simple to move offline to online, organise projects and stay on top of review and versioning at every stage.

With handy automated functionality that cuts out complex manual processes, Hiero integrates seamlessly with Nuke and other production tools to ensure the smooth delivery of collaborative end-to-end projects.

Why Hiero?

  • Makes collaborative working easy by removing complicated, error-prone manual processes, taking the pain out of tracking and shot management and allowing the import of media from a wide range of formats, while saving on valuable disk space
  • Speeds up turnaround and safeguards quality through the efficient round-tripping of shots to VFX using the template-based export system and the delivery of EDLs, XMLs, selects and timeline bakes for later work or delivery
  • Lets you take control of projects from one central point, with a dedicated toolkit for versioning and review, plus familiar editing tools accessible directly on the timeline
  • Reduces the high costs associated with traditional workflows by freeing up finishing systems for more effective use, cutting in-house infrastructure costs and enabling full pipeline integration through Python scripting
  • Integrates deeply into your pipeline with Python scripting to enhance workflow and integrate even more closely with Nuke

About Hieroplayer

Hieroplayer is a desktop review tool that lets you playback every shot on the VFX timeline and compare versions of renders quickly, making it easy to see your own work, or that of your team, in the context of the entire sequence.

Hieroplayer fully integrates with Nuke and is supported by the shot management, conform and review toolset ofHiero to integrate seamlessly with the production pipeline and make collaborative working effortless.

Why Hieroplayer?

  • Get the right results faster by viewing your shots in context with soft-import of all media that Nuke can read, including multi-channel EXRs, with audio for desktop playback
  • Edit shots straight on the timeline with a complete set of standard and easy-to-use controls that sit alongside Hiero’s unique multi-tool set
  • Save time and stay organised with media management capabilities that let you create your own elements library to organise, sort and tag VFX elements
  • Keep on top of reviews by saving out projects for reference or passing back to Hiero, and use shot-tagging to add notes to shots on the timeline

System Requirements

Have a look at the system requirements for Hiero and Hieroplayer here.

Foundry – Maintenance

Foundry’s maintenance offering is included free for the first year with all Nuke® products, Mari®, Hiero®, Katana, and the Foundry Collectives. Maintenance is subject to annual renewal.

As part of maintenance, you’ll get all new features, bug fixes and updates, through both minor and major releases. In addition, you get exclusive access to both technical support, and to beta programs, where your voice helps to shape the future of our products.

Read more about Foundry's maintenance here (PDF file).

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