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Ericom - ZTEdge Web Isolation

Ericom - ZTEdge Web Isolation
  • Product Code: ZTEdge
  • Availability: Digital product


ZTEdge Web Isolation has helped several organisations to successfully pass their TPN Assessments. Film, Animation, and VFX studios can use ZTEdge Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) to connect production devices to internet tools like email and web browsing, while fully protecting valuable intellectual property (IP) and pre-release content to comply with Motion Pictures Association's (MPA) Best Practice Guidelines for Internet Security. 

Read more about ZTEdge Web Isolation in our product brochure.

ZTEdge Web Isolation features

  • Access SaaS apps, websites and email from production workstations, while preventing content from being exposed via the web
  • Enhances productivity and reduces user frustration
  • Granular, policy-based control of upload and browser functions by website, category, and file characteristics or size
  • No-hassle uploading to approved destinations and downloading from approved sources
  • Works with all standard browsers, devices and OS
  • Comprehensive activity monitoring, reporting and logging
  • Cloud-based and on premise options
  • TPN Assessment-approved

Remote Browser Isolation: What It Is and How It Works

ZTEdge Web Isolation uses Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) to isolate websites from the end user production environment by air-gapping and rendering the website content, and then applying organization-defined policies to restrict certain browser functionality. This protects the organization while also providing the user with policy-controlled access to websites that they might otherwise not be able to access. Enabling users to view, use and interact with the websites they need on their usual browsers, as they normally do, increases productivity and reduces user frustration.

With ZTEdge Web Isolation, when a user browses to a website or clicks a link, a virtual browser is created in an isolated container in the cloud or on a remote server. Website code executes in the virtual browser, where it remains: Content is rendered into an interactive media stream representing the website and sent to the regular browser on the user's device. When the user stops browsing a site, the isolated container is destroyed, along with the virtual browser and all website content within—including any malware or ransomware that may have been on the site.

Because websites do not execute on the endpoint, no content is left in the browser cache of the user device. If a device is stolen, lost or breached, content that has been uploaded to or downloaded from the web can’t be retrieved from the browser cache.

ZTEdge Web Isolation supports TPN Compliance for VFX, Production and Gaming Studios

A number of studios and production houses that utilize the ZTEdge Web Isolation solution to protect against phishing and ransomware attacks, as well as content and IP loss, have successfully passed recent TPN Assessments. Read this case study, to learn why Jellyfish Pictures – an award-winning visual effects and computer-generated animation studio – chose ZTEdge Web Isolation and how it has boosted their productivity.

Have a look at this document including details on how browser isolation addresses specific MPA security implementation guideline items: Meet MPA Content Security Program Best Practice Common Guideline Recommendations with RBI.

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