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Based on our long experience from the computer graphics and 3D hardware industries, and also from our close collaboration with suppliers and manufacturers, we can help you with your technical problems. In practice, our support helps you get production results faster, you avoid being slowed down with technical issues and become more profitable in your operation. Feel free to contact us for more detailed support description.

Free technical support

In accordance with manufacturer support terms, we offer free technical support for all our customers who has purchased products from us. This means we help you with technical issues so that you can get your software and hardware products to work properly and also provide you with necessary information to keep them updated.

Your support questions are sent to us from the support form you see when you click "Helpdesk" in the top menu on our web site. You must be logged on in order to send us a support question. A queue system is used to answer the questions in a fair chronological order.

Click here to create a helpdesk ticket with a support form.

Resonse times

Our office hours are 8 AM - 5 PM CET/CEST. During this time we try to solve as many support cases as possible. Due to the various complexity of the support cases we cannot guarantee them to be solved within a certain time frame. In most cases you will be helped within 48 hours, and more often much sooner than that. With Premium Support you get prioritized in our queue system.

Service agreements

Creative Tools customers – who purchased new 3D printers from us – are offered service agreements for the product. If you would like to obtain support beyond the free services offered by our helpdesk and advisers, we have put together several options for obtaining maximum value from your 3D printer and keeping it in the best possible condition. Our new service agreements offer two additional levels of support and assistance as needed.

The agreement is a type of delivery service by which you can send us your equipment when you encounter difficulties. We will send you a return slip if the problems are so serious that we need to inspect it. We will look it as quickly as we can and determine what has gone wrong.

Find out more about our service agreement here.


We will provide free advice to familiarise you with various kinds of computer graphics software and their potential uses. If you turn to us as a sounding board and describe your objectives, we will be better positioned to suggest tools that are most appropriate in your particular case. Feel free to contact us for information about our advisory services.

Things to keep in mind when obtaining support

Try to include the following information in your question. That will facilitate our services and allow us to answer you quickly.

  • A detailed presentation of your question
  • When does the defect manifest? Does it recur several times?
  • What software and version you are using?
  • What is the name of any service packs you have installed for the software?
  • What is the name, version and service packa of the operating system you are using (Linux, Mac OS, Windows)?
  • Try to attach screenshots of the interface of the software with any instructions and error messages
  • If you can, attach files related to the problem, such as a 3D graphics file, including textures
  • Avoid attaching files larger than 8 MB to an email. Use Dropbox or another file sharing service in such cases. We recommend Flickr for sending multiple screenshots.

Delivery service and returns of hardware

It is of the utmost importance that you pack your equipment securely before transporting it. Whenever possible, use the original container that you received the product in. When choosing another container, you should send photos of your method to our helpdesk in advance.

If you are sending a 3D printer, it is extra important that you fasten the axles with several strong straps or wind the cord a number of times so they stay in place during transport. Customers frequently send equipment for maintenance or warrantied repair in such a manner that it is completely broken upon arrival. Sometimes there is no way to put it back together again!

It is your responsibility to pack the product correctly. We do not provide compensation for goods that are damaged during transport due to poor packaging or insufficient fastening of moveable parts.

Make sure to contact our helpdesk before sending a product if you are uncertain about how to pack it.

Contact details

Click here to create a helpdesk ticket for a support inquiry.

Feel free to call +46 (0)35-77 77 880 with your question instead and we will assist you in creating a helpdesk support matter.

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