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Terms & Conditions

Your purchase of items from (“website”) is subject to these Terms and Conditions of Sale and Delivery (“Terms”). 

You must be eighteen (18) years of age or over, or possess parental permission, to purchase items from the website.


In order to place an order through the website, you must accept these Terms & Conditions. When you place an order, you will receive an acknowledgement email confirming receipt of your order: this email will only be an acknowledgement and will not constitute acceptance of your order. A contract between us will not be formed until we send you confirmation by e-mail that the goods which you ordered have been dispatched to you. 

Delivery & Shipping

Delivery Date refers to the day the item is dispatched from our warehouse.

All confirmed orders follow conditions of “Delivered at place” (DAP Incoterms).

Order Processing Time

Orders of in-stock items are normally processed and shipped from us within one business day from the date the order was placed. The order processing time is only a guideline and applies to items which we have in stock. Orders of out-of-stock items will be shipped as soon as we have the items back in stock.

If your order contains both in-stock and out-of-stock items, we will wait for up to two (2) weeks for all items to get back in stock before we ship your order. If all items are not back in stock after two weeks, we insist on sending you an immediate partial shipment of the in-stock item(s), and we will pay the cost of shipping for the out-of-stock item(s), as soon as they are back in stock again.

The delivery time is excluded in the order processing time. The delivery time depends on the shipment destination and delivery method, but usually takes approximately 1–4 business days within Sweden, and 3–5 business days within the European Union.

Delivery Delays
In case of delayed delivery, the customer may rescind the contract if Creative Tools is responsible for the delay and the delay has lasted for more than 45 days. Creative Tools will in this case refund advance payments within 20 days. 

Non-retrieved Packages
If any package shall be picked up at a specific delivery point, the customer shall do so within the time specified in the notification. If the package is not retrieved in time by the customer, Creative Tools is entitled to charge the customer for the cost of shipping, the cost of return shipping and an administration fee of 300 SEK.

Damaged Items
If the item is damaged during the transportation, you must report this to the company responsible for the delivery and to Creative Tools, on the arrival date of the package.

Business Customers
Business customers must check item on arrival, to verify the item is not damaged. For complaints received after 30 days, Creative Tools reserves the right to determine whether the damaged item should be rectified or not. The buyer takes ownership of the item(s) and assumes the risks of transportation when the items are picked up from our warehouse by the carrier .

Creative Tools troubleshoots for a consumer at its own expense if it can do so without suffering unreasonable inconvenience or costs. Refer otherwise to the provisions of the Swedish Consumer Sales Act. A consumer does not assume the risk until receiving the purchased goods from the shipper.

Upon request, Creative Tools takes care of transport (including insurance) on behalf of the customer and chooses the most suitable mode after agreement with the customer. Unless otherwise agreed to, the customer shall reimburse Creative Tools for any transport costs it has accrued.

Please notify us of any hidden transport damage within 7 days of receiving the goods. We recommend that you notify us of visible damage as soon as possible. The deadline for notifying us of damage is two months after you receive the goods. You may notify us later under extraordinary circumstances. If you neglect to follow these guidelines, Creative Tools Sweden AB may choose not to compensate you for the costs of the product.

Prices & Payment

All prices on the website are stated in Swedish Crowns (SEK) or Euros (EUR) both inclusive and exclusive of value added tax. Whilst we try and ensure that all details, descriptions and prices which appear on this website are accurate, errors may occur. If we discover an error in the price of any item which you have ordered we will inform you of this as soon as possible and give you the option of reconfirming your order at the correct price or cancelling it.

Payment Methods

When placing an order on the website, you have the option to pay using one of the following payment methods:

Card Payment via ePay
Pay with your VISA, MasterCard or Maestro card. ePay Payment Solution is PCI certified by Visa/MasterCard and all communication is encrypted.

Card Payment via PayPal
Pay with your VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Discover Card through PayPal. PayPal uses the latest in data encryption and anti-fraud technology to keep your information secure, reducing the risk of online fraud.

Invoice & Part Payment
Swedish business customers can choose to pay by invoice (terms of payment: 30 days, an administrative fee will be added).

Late Payments

Creative Tools has the right to claim interest on late payments, and if necessary, await to ship the items until payment is received.

Right of ownership

Creative Tools retains ownership of items delivered until all payments have been made in accordance with the contract.

Notification of defect

If you wish to submit a notification of defect, contact Creative Tools Sweden AB Customer Service by calling +46 (0)35-77 77 880 or using the form on our website; specify the order number, invoice number and defect in order to receive a return number. Keep in mind that your notification has not been approved just because you receive a return number. For corporate customers, the number is valid for the 14 days during which Creative Tools Sweden AB is to receive the goods. Shipping costs must be paid for all goods returned to Creative Tools Sweden AB and they are to be accompanied by an order slip, invoice, valid number and detailed written description of the defect. The goods are sent back to the customer if shipping costs have not been paid or any of the papers are missing.

Corporate customers

When goods are defective, a corporate customer must notify Creative Tools Sweden AB immediately, but not later than 30 days after the invoice date, and return them. The customers shall verify that goods are not defective upon arrival. If notification arrives more than 30 days after the delivery date, Creative Tools Sweden AB reserves the right to determine whether or not it will troubleshoot the defect.

Consumer customers

Creative Tools troubleshoots for a consumer at its own expense if it can do so without suffering unreasonable inconvenience or costs. The customer shall notify us of the defect within a reasonable amount of time after detecting it. The goods should be returned to us within 14 days after receiving a return number. Refer otherwise to the provisions of the Swedish Consumer Sales Act.

Right to cancel or redeem a purchase (private customers)

As a private customer, you have the right to cancel your purchase within 14 days of the date you receive the product. You do not have the right to cancel either a digital delivery or software for which you receive the serial number electronically. You may cancel a purchase only if the goods are in the original container and essentially in their original condition. If you have examined the goods, we reserve the right to charge a recovery fee that covers the goods' depreciation. You cannot cancel part of a product. You are responsible for paying shipping costs to return a product. Refer otherwise to the provisions of the Swedish Consumer Sales Act.

Customer Service

We offer free technical support in Swedish and English. With many years in the business, we will provide you with accurate support through well-established and proven procedures. A high level of service with the intention of creating long lasting business relationships is crucial to us. 


Corporate customers

Creative Tools does not offer any warranties above and beyond those provided by the manufacturer.

Consumer customers

We deliver our products along with the warranties that the manufacturer or supplier offers us. The primary purpose of a warranty is to repair the product if it stops working. If repair is not possible, you will receive an equivalent replacement. You cannot demand an additional warranty from Creative Tools. Because the warranty may be transferred to a sub-purchaser, we can repair a product that you have bought second-hand. 

  • As a private customer and the original purchaser, you have the right to notify us of a defective product within 3 years of receiving it.
  • During the first six months, it is up to the seller to prove that the defect was not there from the beginning. Otherwise the defect is assumed to have existed all along. Once six months have passed since the purchase, the burden of proof is on you to show that the defect was there when you received the product.
  • Batteries, cartridges, toners and other expendable materials normally have a 6-month warranty unless the product sheet indicates otherwise.
  • A business is not entitled to notify us of a defective product after the warranty period has expired.
  • For the warranty to apply, any serial number must remain intact.

Warranty policy on 3D printers for customers without service agreement

Corporate customers

Creative Tools does not offer any warranties above and beyond those provided by the manufacturer.

Consumer customers

We will repair equipment that has stopped working within 12 months through no fault of a consumer customer and that is not a wear-and-tear component.


  • Broken cable
  • Broken end stops
  • Motherboard problems
  • Stepping motor driver

The customer is to pay the shipping costs to us after receiving an RMA number from the helpdesk. Creative Tools defrays the costs of return shipping and warrantied components.

Costs for repair not covered by a warranty

A customer who sends us equipment to repair, or that is under warranty but turns out not to be working due to external impact or other improper use, will be charged as follows:

Repair (850 SEK/hour) and spare parts not covered by a warranty.

  • Modified extruders
  • Wear-and-tear components
  • Attempt by the customer to repair or modify a component
  • Physical damage

The customer will be notified before a repair for which it will be charged is made but is always required to pay an inspection fee of 494 SEK incl. VAT unless the components are covered by a warranty.

Liability for faults or deficiencies

Creative Tools is obliged, under the conditions below and at its own expense, to remedy the defect of a product if it does not fulfill the agreed specifications. Creative Tools is not liable for defects that are of no importance for the intended use and do not involve inconvenience for the customer.

Creative Tools shall not be held liable for faults or deficiencies caused by:

  • deficiencies in the storage or handling of the item(s) at the customer’s premises
  • changes to the item(s) made by the customer, which are not in accordance with Creative Tools' instructions

Normal operating maintenance such as small adjustments and replacement of wearing parts is required.

If a product cannot be transported easily, troubleshooting may be performed at the customer’s site. If so, Creative Tools must have access to the components for the requisite amount of time. Creative Tools will perform such measures during its regular working hours. At the request of Creative Tools, a representative of the customer shall be present while the components are being repaired. Otherwise, troubleshooting shall be done at Creative Tools or a service point it specifies in Sweden. 

A customer who provides notification of a defect for which Creative Tools turns out not to be liable shall compensate us in accordance with the price list that is in force from time to time. Creative Tools’ liability for defects is limited to that which is specified above, except in cases of gross neglect. The customer cannot file a claim against Creative Tools due to defects.

Limitation of liability

Total damages or compensation that Creative Tools may be liable to pay pursuant to these general terms shall be limited to the purchase price for the associated product(s). 

Creative Tools shall be liable for direct losses only. Creative Tools’ liability shall not include indirect losses, such as those related to business activities or data, or damage that Creative Tools could not have reasonably foreseen when the agreement was entered into and whose consequences could not reasonably have been avoided or overcome. 

Creative Tools cannot be held liable for loss of stored data or software. The customer shall be required to make necessary backups of all data before installing new hardware, software or other equipment. 

If Creative Tools is unable to deliver or redeliver, or if delivery would be unreasonably onerous due to labour disputes or other circumstances beyond the control of the parties, such as fire, war, mobilisation or unanticipated military conscription of a similar magnitude, impressment, confiscation, currency restrictions, riot, rebellion, transport obstacles, product shortages, lack of fuel, or delays from suppliers or producers due to similar circumstances, Creative Tools shall be discharged from all liability, with the exception of defects and crediting of missing products.

Customer’s liability in connection with delivery service and returns of hardware

It is of the utmost importance that you pack your equipment securely before transporting it. Whenever possible, use the original container that you received the product in. When choosing another container, you should send photos of your method to our helpdesk in advance. If you are sending a 3D printer, it is extra important that you fasten the axles with several strong straps or wind the cord a number of times so they stay in place during transport. Customers frequently send equipment for maintenance or warrantied repair in such a manner that it is completely broken upon arrival. Sometimes there is no way to put it back together again! It is your responsibility to pack the product correctly. We do not provide compensation for goods that are damaged during transport due to poor packaging or insufficient fastening of moveable parts. Make sure to contact our helpdesk before sending a product if you are uncertain about how to pack it.

Transfer of the agreement

Without the permission of the customer, Creative Tools may not transfer the right to receive payment pursuant to these general terms. The terms may not otherwise be transferred without the other party’s consent.

Personal data

We care about your privacy and comply with EU's General Data Protection Regulation (also called GDPR). When you place an order at, you will be required to provide some personal information so that we will be able to deliver the item(s) to you. We will collect information such as your name, address, e-mail address and telephone number. We use this information mainly to fulfill our commitments to you as a customer, for warranty issues and to provide technical support. You can read more about how we gather, use, disclose and store your personal data in our Privacy Policy.

By agreeing to our Terms & Conditions when you place an order, you also agree to our Privacy Policy.

Arbitration or dispute

Consumer customers

In the case of a dispute concerning notification of a defect, Creative Tools follows the recommendations of the Swedish National Board for Consumer Disputes. 


Arbitrators shall adjudicate disputes regarding the interpretation or enforcement of these general terms and attendant legal circumstances. If the value of the object clearly does not exceed ten times the basic amount pursuant to the National Insurance Act (Swedish Code of Statutes 1962:381) at the time of the arbitration demand, the dispute shall be adjudicated by a single arbitrator appointed by the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce at the request of the party.

Changes to the Terms & Conditions

Creative Tools reserves the right to change these Terms & Conditions at all times. Any changes to these Terms & Conditions will be posted on the Website. 

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