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On Demand webinars

Maximize and manage your productivity with Autodesk Media & Entertainment Collection for games

OCT 2021

Learn how you can take advantage of the latest production workflows available in Maya 2022 and 3ds Max 2022. To be sure that you can work from any place with access to the right digital assets, we manage the webinar project in ShotGrid.

Glen Southern – Using Cloth Dynamics for creatures in ZBrush 2021


In this webinar, Glen Southern – a very talented sculptor – talks about the new Cloth Dynamics feature in ZBrush 2021.

In addition to that, he also gives us some recommendations regarding hardware and software for anyone who wants to try digital sculpting themselves or improve their sculpting skills. Is ZBrush always his number one choice? And is a Wacom tablet necessary when sculpting in 3D?


Jake Denham – Using V-Ray To Meet Publication Deadlines


In this webinar, you’ll learn when and how Autodesk 3ds Max and V-Ray for 3ds Max can be used alongside photography in advertising campaigns.

Jake Denham talks about two projects he’s been working on recently. He shows us his workflow and explains why it’s often a cost-effective option to combine photography and CGI. First, he’ll walk us through a project where he merged real-world models into a virtual environment. After that, he’ll tell us about another project where he merged a virtual product into a real-word location.

Discover the latest ad upcoming features of the Substance apps

MAY 31 2022 

In this hands-on demo session we will show you the latest content and updates available in the Substance apps. We will also reveal some of the new features coming this year. 

With a focus on the new Substance Modeler, the new modeling app from Substance, you’ll also be able to ask questions regarding the Substance tools.



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