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Lightmap - HDR Light Studio Xenon

Lightmap - HDR Light Studio Xenon
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Available Options

Licenses are delivered digitally, usually within 1-2 business days. 


Create the perfect HDRI lighting in minutes with HDR Light Studio Xenon, the new HDR Light Studio product range. The Xenon products are Indie, Pro, and Automotive, see differences in table below.

HDR Light Studio product videos

HDR Light Studio Xenon key features

  • Blender Connection, see more here
  • Diffusion Blur
  • Light Looks
  • Updated preset video tutorials on Learn page.
  • Organise lights in groups and more with Composites
  • Significantly faster TCP/IP based API for HDR Light Studio 
  • LightPaint – click on the 3D model in HDR Light Studio to position lights in real-time
  • Create HDRI Area Lights: Autodesk 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, Modo, Houdini, Octane Standalone
  • Procedural lights, image based lights and procedural sky
  • Ideal lighting solution for PBR (Physically Based Rendering)

Connections and Support

HDR Light Studio Xenon products Indie, Pro, and Automotive were released in September 2020. Indie and Pro come with a wide selection of connections and Automotive offers additional connectivity. Indie is a low-cost option only available to those individuals/organizations with revenues not exceeding US$100,000 during the prior or current fiscal year. Only one (concurrent) Indie license purchase is permitted per individual/organization. See additional Indie FAQ here.



Autodesk 3ds Max
Autodesk Maya
Cinema 4D
Maxwell Studio
Octane Standalone
Autodesk VRED

Priority Support
Support ChannelsEmailEmail
Email / Phone / Web Meetings

Licensing options

The Xenon products are available as nodelocked or floating licenses and as annual subscription or permanent duration, see table below.

Nodelocked (Single user), Annual SubscriptionYesYesYes
Node-locked (Single user), Permanent

Yes (Incl 1 year Maintenance)
Floating (Multi user), Annual Subscription

Software license activation

At purchase an activation code is entered when the software runs. The code obtains a license key and quickly installs it. This apply to both floating and nodelocked licenses. If there are no license key, HDR Light Studio Xenon runs in demo mode, whichs means a watermark, limited environment map resolution and that projects can not be saved.

Licenses explained

  • Nodelocked license is for one user and allows HDR Light Studio to run on a designated primary computer, and a designated second home/laptop computer if required (by using the license transfer facility on developer's web site). 
  • Floating license is for multiple users and allows one concurrent session of HDR Light Studio to run on any computer on the local network. You need to purchase licenses for the number of concurrent users you will require. A computer on the network runs the RLM server software and client machines get their licenses from this computer via the local network. 
  • Annual subscription provides a license that will expire at the end of the 1 year period. During the subscription period you can run the latest software and you are entitled to support. When subscription period expires you no longer have access to the software. Renewal is not automatic. 
  • Permanent license does not expire. It includes 1 year of maintenance – providing software updates and support. At the end of this period, additional maintenance can be purchased in order to keep your software up to date and to continue to be supported. 

System requirements

See updated HDR Light Studio requirements here. Internet connection required for license activation. CPU based, no special graphics card required. Connections compatibility with 3D software/renderers, see here.
Software Specifications
Software type Lighting
Edition Commercial
License Type New license

Please note that the right to return an item does not apply to digital deliveries or computer software where the serial number is delivered digitally. Even digital deliveries have a processing time as serial numbers and such must be verified.

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