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Blue Marble - Global Mapper & Global Mapper Pro v25

Blue Marble - Global Mapper & Global Mapper Pro v25
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Global Mapper 25 - Your Ultimate GIS Solution

Explore Global Mapper 25 - Your Ultimate GIS Solution

Welcome to Global Mapper 25, the latest evolution of the ultimate GIS software. We've taken the best features of Global Mapper 24 and enhanced them to provide you with an even more powerful and efficient geospatial tool.

What's New in Global Mapper 25

Streamlined Menus for Enhanced Usability

Building upon the success of Global Mapper 24, version 25 brings you even more efficiently arranged menus. Navigating the software is now more straightforward and intuitive, allowing you to focus on your projects without unnecessary clicks.

Lidar Classification Tools - Precision at Your Fingertips

The Lidar classification tools have received a significant upgrade. Global Mapper 25 empowers you with precise point cloud classification, making tasks like forestry management and urban planning more accurate and insightful.

Pixels to Points - Speed and Simplicity

They've improved the Pixels to Points feature in response to the feedback. The setup wizard is now refined for streamlined workflow, and processing speed has been boosted by up to 50% for select projects. Global Mapper 25 is all about efficiency and performance.

Kriging Output Comparison

For geostatistical analysis, our software now enables you to compare kriging outputs to control data through cross-validation. This enhancement enhances your data analysis capabilities, helping you make informed decisions.

Estimated Tree Footprints

Harness the full potential of point clouds with enhanced tree footprint extraction. Global Mapper 25 makes creating estimated tree footprints easier and more precise, benefiting applications like environmental studies and urban planning.

Expanded Toolset

We've taken the popular tools from Global Mapper 24, such as Raster painting and Elevation QC, and expanded them. These tools are now more robust, allowing you to tackle even more complex tasks with ease.

Introducing the Least Cost Path Analysis Tool

Global Mapper 25 introduces the brand-new Least Cost Path Analysis Tool. Forge your path through challenging terrains with confidence using this essential addition for various applications, including road planning and utility right-of-way analysis. Here's what you can expect:

  • Efficient Terrain Analysis: Identify the shortest and most efficient path between locations, factoring in user-defined conditions.
  • Flexible Connectivity: Choose how points are connected, giving you control over the path's order.
  • Terrain Parameters: Specify terrain-related parameters that must be met, ensuring precision in your analysis.

Find the Least Cost Path tool in the Terrain Analysis dropdown menu. It's your shortcut to optimal route planning.

Try Global Mapper for free.

Download and evaluate Global Mapper with a 14-day trial here.

Licensing Options

Single-User License (Node-locked)
Node-locked licenses of Global Mapper are licensed to a single computer only. Re-authorization provided only if software removal verification can be provided by the customer. Customer system upgrades require un-installation verification prior to new licenses being issued.

Single-User Floating License
The Single User Floating license is a node-locked license that has the added ability to float from one computer to another with unlimited ease. Individual users can transfer the license as often as needed with the release/remove tool in the application. Only one computer can be authorized at one time, but the user has the flexibility to license a machine when and where they need it.

USB Dongle License
A small USB hardware key that you can plug into any PC. The portable design allows you to move your Global Mapper licenses between machines without network connections or additional license files. This option only allows one user to access Global Mapper at a time.

Network License (minimum quantity of 2)
Blue Marble offers a network licensing option provided via FlexLM technology. Users can host the software on a network server or machine, check out a seat while they use the software, and then return that license for others to access the software via the network, all on the same, secure license. A minimum quantity of 2 must be purchased. Please contact us for a quote if you're interested.

Software Specifications
Software type Terrain & vegetation
Edition Commercial
License Type New license

License is delivered digitally, usually within 1-2 business days.
Please note that the right to return an item does not apply to digital deliveries or computer software where the serial number is delivered digitally. Even digital deliveries have a processing time as serial numbers and such must be verified.

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