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Foundry - Mari

Foundry - Mari
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With the artist-friendly 3D paint tools you need to make the most of your creativity, together with the power and performance to handle even the most complex assets, Foundry's Mari® is the clear choice for today’s challenging VFX, animation and games productions.

Able to handle millions of polygons and multiple high-resolution textures without slowing down, Mari takes care of the technical issues so you can focus your energy on using the intuitive brushes and powerful layering system to build up detail where it matters most. 

Featuring a real-time interactive environment that directly supports Arnold, V-Ray, Redshift and Unreal shaders, plus a fully integrated workflow with Modo for rendering and baking, Mari gives you the confidence that your textures will look the way you intended in the end result. And as you would expect from Foundry, Mari offers all the avenues for customization you need to make it a perfect fit in your pipeline.

Foundry Mari product videos

Why Mari?

  • Paint quickly and intuitively in 3D with artist-friendly paint tools, powerful layering, adjustments, procedurals and advanced masking 
  • Keep your creativity flowing in an interactive environment that won’t slow you down, even with the most complex assets and highest resolution textures
  • Work in a high-fidelity context that closely matches your target platform, with physically based BRDF shading and HDR environment lighting.
  • Eliminate frustrating and time-consuming multi-application workflows with integrated Arnold, V-Ray, Redshift and Unreal shaders, and Modo rendering and baking
  • Enjoy seamless pipeline integration with support for industry-standard formats, OpenColorIO, extensive APIs and Python scripting

News in Mari 4.6

Here is a selection of new features in Mari 4.6. See a complete overview here.


Mari 4.6 extends the Material System to include Geo-Channels, allowing for material looks to be driven by mesh maps like AO and Curvature.

Collapsible Nodes

All Mari nodes are now collapsable, with three states: expanded, collapsed and connected only.

Customize Material Thumbnails

Customize your material preset icon generation to conform to your desired standard of material art asset display.

V-Ray Shader

The legacy V-Ray shader has been replaced by a new shader from the Chaos Group developers behind V-Ray 2019.


Voronoi Procedural Node has been added which generates Voronoi cells.

Vector Combine

Vector Combine has been added which combines components of four inputs into a single output vector.

System Requirements

Have a look at the system requirements for Mari here.

Foundry – Maintenance

Foundry’s maintenance offering is included free for the first year with all Nuke® products, Mari®, Hiero®, Katana, and the Foundry Collectives. Maintenance is subject to annual renewal.

As part of maintenance, you’ll get all new features, bug fixes and updates, through both minor and major releases. In addition, you get exclusive access to both technical support, and to beta programs, where your voice helps to shape the future of our products.

Read more about Foundry's maintenance here (PDF file).

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