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Latest products

ASA (Acrylonitrile-Styrene-Acrylate) have similar mechanical properties to ABS, with the benefit tha..
From 400 SEK
Ex Tax: 320 SEK

ECO Nylon filament is a strong, flexible and durable material.All material types in the ECO filament..
425 SEK
Ex Tax: 340 SEK

Stay at the forefront of design with Autodesk® AutoCAD® for Mac software, one of the world’s leading..
From 6,834 SEK
Ex Tax: 5,467 SEK

MAXON - Cinema 4D - Upgrade from R16 to R19 -15%
It's now or never! Last chance to upgrade your Cinema 4D Release 16 license to Release 19 – and save..
From 5,280 SEK
Ex Tax: 4,224 SEK

Continuum is the VFX toolset that helped Ezra Edelman’s O.J.: Made in America win the Academy Award...
From 11,038 SEK
Ex Tax: 8,831 SEK

Sapphire 11 – an essential visual effects suite – is available for many hosts, including Adobe, Avid..
From 18,804 SEK
Ex Tax: 15,043 SEK

Extruder assembly for FlashForge 3D printers. Choose 3D printer model in the drop down menu abo..
From 1,695 SEK
Ex Tax: 1,356 SEK

Hotend assembly for FlashForge Creator Pro and FlashForge Dreamer. Choose 3D printer model and ..
From 1,870 SEK
Ex Tax: 1,496 SEK

Flat cable for extruder on FlashForge Finder, FlashForge Guider and FlashForge Guider II 3D printers..
From 185 SEK
Ex Tax: 148 SEK

X (red), Y (yellow), and Z (blue) motor cable for FlashForge Finder, FlashForge Inventor II and Crea..
From 75 SEK
Ex Tax: 60 SEK

Original thermocouple for FlashForge Creator Pro, FlashForge Dreamer, FlashForge Finder and Fla..
From 160 SEK
Ex Tax: 128 SEK

Heating cartridge for heating and melting filament. Fits FlashForge Dreamer, FlashForge Creator..
From 160 SEK
Ex Tax: 128 SEK

Note! This item has been used and unpacked, which can mean substantial usage. The item is sold as is..
11,500 SEK
Ex Tax: 9,200 SEK

The Pigment Set contains four 20ml dropper bottles of pigments. The pigments are of exclusive Fun To..
240 SEK
Ex Tax: 192 SEK

The Fun To Do Standard Blend resin is a real multi-purpose resin, most cost-effective for printing o..
From 740 SEK
Ex Tax: 592 SEK

The Industrial Blend resin has been developed especially for some industrial users who were in need ..
From 850 SEK
Ex Tax: 680 SEK

F1+ Blend is the blend especially made for the Formlabs Form1 and Form1+ 3D printers. The F1+ Blend ..
From 925 SEK
Ex Tax: 740 SEK

Snow White is the first resin in this market segment that is white, and stays white! It has a milky ..
795 SEK
Ex Tax: 636 SEK

Deep Black has specifically been designed to get the best out of your high end DLP/SLA machine like ..
910 SEK
Ex Tax: 728 SEK

The Castable Blend has been designed to cast pieces in bronze, copper, tin or iron using standard va..
980 SEK
Ex Tax: 784 SEK