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3Dexpo: Virtual Reality

October 7th, 2016

This 3Dexpo was hosted in Creative Tools head office in Halmstad, Sweden. This time we focused on the topic Virtual Reality (VR). We invited you all to come along and learn about one of the hottest topics in the 3D industry at the time.

On the agenda were speakers from IKEA, Autodesk, and MAXON, exhibitions and a raffle with nice prizes. The attendees also had the option to try different VR experiences hands on. The Foundry was there to answer questions about their softwares. As always, lunch and coffee was on the house!

Attendees came to learn from the pioneers and creators who had already taken the step into the VR world. They got to learn more about how to make new or use existing 3D, video or image media content to immersive VR experiences.

Time & place

The event took place on October 7, 2016 in Creative Tools facilities in Halmstad, Sweden.

Time: 9 AM – 6 PM. 
Address: Creative Tools AB, Slottsmöllan, SE-302 31 Halmstad.


  • Martin Enthed, IKEA Communications AB
  • Max Hagelstam, Adobe
  • Pasi Helin, MediaMonks + Martin Mayer, The Foundry
  • Yavor Stoykov, Chaos Group
  • Kevin Booth, Autodesk
  • Jonas Pilz, MAXON
  • Johan Sundkvist + Tomas Ek, Samuraj

VR experiences

Apart from inspiring speaks the attendees got to try different immersive VR experiences.


In the 3Dexpo raffle our attendees business card is literally your lucky ticket. Hand in your card at your arrival registration to win fine prizes. If you do not have any card we have empty ones you can fill in. Among the prizes werea Wacom tablet, a Cinema 4D Broadcast license, a Adobe CC subscription and a V-Ray/Phoenix FD license. Thanks to all our 3Dexpo sponsors for the great prizes!

What is 3Dexpo?

Creative Tools annually arranges a customer event called 3Dexpo. These events have different themes and focuses on different topics. They all have in common high profile guest speakers from manufacturers and developers, creators and production companies, exhibitions and workshops all about Creative Tools product range of software and hardware.

See more on 3Dexpo here.

3Dexpo sponsors

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