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Zortrax - M200

Zortrax M200 is a professional 3D printer with dedicated software and filament. This easy-to-use 3D printer allows you to start printing in minutes without complicated preparation and calibration. It..

20,990 SEK Ex Tax: 16,792 SEK

FlashForge - Inventor I

FlashForge Inventor is a simple, smart and accessible desktop 3D printer and successor to the worldwide bestselling desktop 3D printer FlashForge Dreamer. Optical end stops offers greater reliability,..

12,989 SEK Ex Tax: 10,391 SEK

FlashForge - Inventor II

FlashForge Inventor II - a safe, easy-to-use and cost-effective 3D printer. Featuring 2nd generation wireless connection, safer door, slide-in build plate, full colour touch screen and using non-toxic..

6,995 SEK Ex Tax: 5,596 SEK


BEETHEFIRST är en stilig och enkel 3D-skrivare från den portugisiske tillverkaren BEEVERYCREATIVE. Det är en modern FFF-skrivare designad för att passa perfekt på ditt skrivbord. Med funktioner som i..

15,250 SEK Ex Tax: 12,200 SEK

Demo - WANHAO - Duplicator 4S Dual

Note! This is a used demo item. Minor cosmetic damages can occur. Filament or user manual not included. About Wanhao Duplicator 4S Dual Wanhao Duplicator 4S Dual is a well-built 3D printer in tr..

6,249 SEK Ex Tax: 4,999 SEK

BCN3D - Sigma - R2017

The BCN3D Sigma R2017 is an enhanced reinvention of desktop 3D printers characterized by its IDEX, which allows it to work in a simple and effective way. Print both soluble support structures, mu..

26,500 SEK Ex Tax: 21,200 SEK

FlashForge - Dreamer

The FlashForge Dreamer is a high quality with dual extrusion technology 3D printer that provides a great learning experience to 3D printing. The FlashForge Dreamer provides user experiences like no o..

10,969 SEK Ex Tax: 8,775 SEK

Formlabs - Form 2

The 3D printer Form 2 prints even bigger and better than the best-selling predecessor Form 1+. Formlabs 3D printers take best-in-class stereolithographic 3D printing to a new level. Print your 3..

41,238 SEK Ex Tax: 32,990 SEK

Flashforge - Creator Pro (2016 Edition)

The open-source 3D printer Creator Pro features a sturdy metal frame and dual extrusion technology. The reliable personal desktop 3D printer delivers excellent print results, even with ABS, thanks to..

12,875 SEK Ex Tax: 10,300 SEK

Magicfirm - ZYYX pro

RIGHT NOW:Buy three ZYYX pro – pay for 2! A hard-to-beat deal that gives a unique addition to any production facility. Note! Orders are processed manually. Please contact us to take par..

53,125 SEK Ex Tax: 42,500 SEK

Magicfirm - ZYYX+ 3D Printer

The ZYYX+ is a professional 3D printer developed in Gothenburg, Sweden. It is designed to be reliable and easy to use, to be quiet and fume free and to give you professional grade prints. Reliable&nb..

19,950 SEK Ex Tax: 15,960 SEK

Ultimaker - Ultimaker 2 Extended+

Ultimaker 2+ and Ultimaker 2 Extended+ features include a geared feeder, a swappable nozzle and new fans caps making your prints the best ever. Ultimaker 2 is the second generation of 3D printers from..

31,125 SEK Ex Tax: 24,900 SEK

Ultimaker - Ultimaker 2+

Ultimaker 2+ and Ultimaker 2 Extended+ features include a geared feeder, a swappable nozzle and new fans caps making your prints the best ever. Ultimaker 2 is the second generation of 3D printers from..

23,625 SEK Ex Tax: 18,900 SEK

Flashforge - Hunter

The FlashForge Hunter is a DLP (Digital Light Processing) 3D Printer, which allow user to to a print a 3D model in highly-detail. Photopolymer resin is adopted as a printing material for Hunter DLP 3D..

39,995 SEK Ex Tax: 31,996 SEK

MakerBot - Replicator Z18

I den femte generationen MakerBot Replicator 3D-skrivare har MakerBot anpassat teknik från proffs 3D-skrivare och gjort det tillgängligt för allmänheten. Fokus har legat på att göra det enklare än någ..

78,500 SEK Ex Tax: 62,800 SEK

Ultimaker - Ultimaker 2 Go

Ultimaker 2 is the second generation of 3D printers from the Dutch manufacturer Ultimaker. Ultimaker 2 is designed to create an effortless and enjoyable 3D printing experience for the user. With gr..

14,750 SEK Ex Tax: 11,800 SEK

Autodesk - Netfabb

Autodesk® Netfabb® is expert software for additive manufacturing, providing software to help reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve part performance in additive manufacturing and 3D printing.De..

From 4,982 SEK Ex Tax: 3,985 SEK

3DFactories - EASY3DMAKER

     Get a 3D Print SampleWould you like to see and feel the result of a model printed on this machine, before you decide whether you should buy it or not? Order..

22,650 SEK Ex Tax: 18,120 SEK

FlashForge - Guider II

RIGHT NOW:Buy Guider II and get 5 kg ECO PLA filament for free (in random colours). Offer ends January 31st, 2018.Guider II is a professional FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) 3D printer, and follows i..

19,995 SEK Ex Tax: 15,996 SEK

BCN3D - SigmaX

The BCN3D Sigmax is a professional FFF 3D printer characterized by its impressive printing volume and Independent Dual Extruder (IDEX) system. These main features turn the Sigmax in the most versatile..

45,500 SEK Ex Tax: 36,400 SEK

Builder - Extreme 1500

The Builder Extreme 1500 has a maximum print volume of 1100x500x820 mm and comes with an integrated heated bed, Wi-Fi, on-board camera and Dual-Feed Extruder.The Extreme 1500 fits through every door a..

235,000 SEK Ex Tax: 188,000 SEK

Builder - Premium Medium - White

The print volume of the Builder Premium Medium Dual-Feed is rare when comparing it to other 3D printers. With a maximum build volume of 210 x 210 x 400 mm it is the perfect 3D printer for large object..

41,245 SEK Ex Tax: 32,996 SEK

Builder - Premium Large - White

With a maximum build height of 600 mm, the Premium Large is the biggest version of the Builder Premium. It’s the ideal 3D printer for big objects prototypes and art.The impressive build height will no..

46,245 SEK Ex Tax: 36,996 SEK

Builder - Extreme 1000

In need of a huge build volume? The Builder Extreme 1000 has a maximum build volume of 700x700x820 mm. That's more than 400 liters of build volume! The fully closed Extreme has an integrated heat..

212,500 SEK Ex Tax: 170,000 SEK

MakerBot - Replicator 2X - Refurbished

Comments this item: Tested and quality approved 3D printer. Comes with all original accessories incl. original filament, manual and plexi glass cover. Minor marks round the flange. Located in Halmstad..

14,875 SEK Ex Tax: 11,900 SEK


Ultimaker - TPU - 2.85mm - 750g - (NFC-tag)

Highly versatile for industrial applications, TPU 95A (thermoplastic polyurethane) filament is the go-to choice for a wide array of manufacturing projects that demand the qualities of both rubber and ..

From 775 SEK Ex Tax: 620 SEK


Ultimaker - ABS - 2.85mm - 750g - NFC-tag

Used by an array of industries worldwide, ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) is known for its exceptional mechanical properties. Specifically formulated to minimize warping and ensure consistent in..

From 490 SEK Ex Tax: 392 SEK

FlashForge - Extruder PCB - Dreamer

Extruder PCB for FlashForge Dreamer 3D printer...

100 SEK Ex Tax: 80 SEK

Roland DG - monoFab ARM-10 -50%

Roland DG - monoFab ARM-10

monoFab is a series of new desktop tools that brings together the fun of imagination and the joy of manufacturing in order to satisfy users who want to bring their dreams and ideas to life. With th..

56,125 SEK 28,063 SEK Ex Tax: 22,450 SEK

Builder - Extreme 2000

With a maximum build height of 700x700x1820 mm (almost 900 liters!), the Builder Extreme 2000 is the biggest FDM 3D printer on the market. The fully closed Extreme 2000 has an integrated heated b..

255,000 SEK Ex Tax: 204,000 SEK