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Chaos - V-Ray 5 for Nuke - Commercial

Chaos - V-Ray 5 for Nuke - Commercial
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V-Ray for Nuke’s approach to lighting and compositing integrates production-quality ray traced rendering into Nuke and Nukex. V-Ray’s industry standard ray traced renderer inside Nuke’s industry standard compositing package gives artists the best of both worlds. V-Ray 5 for Nuke brings more control and efficiency in compositing, plus many workflow optimizations that save artists time so they can maximize their creativity.

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News in V-Ray 5 for Nuke

Light Path Expressions. For better control in compositing, construct your own render passes with Light Path Expressions. Output specific light contributions with time saving presets or write your own custom expressions that can be combined with Boolean operations.

Coat & Sheen Layers. Easily create layered materials with reflective coatings and fabrics, such as velvet, satin and silk, directly in the V-Ray Material.

V-Ray Plugin Material. Create any materials from the V-Ray Standalone material plugins that come with the V-Ray installation.

New Sun and Sky Model. Bring golden hour lighting to a whole new level. The new Sun & Sky model is more accurate and looks better at sunrise and sunset, even as the sun dips below the horizon.

Metalness. Metalness reflections are now supported directly by the V-Ray Material making it fully compatible with PBR workflows.

Fog Transparency Color. Achieve a number of different creative looks using colored transparency for the V-Ray Environment Fog.

Software Specifications
Plugin / Add-On for Nuke
Software type Rendering
Edition Commercial
License Type New license

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