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Chaos - V-Ray 6 for 3ds Max

Chaos - V-Ray 6 for 3ds Max
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V-Ray 6 for 3ds Max: Create Realistic Visions

V-Ray 6 for 3ds Max: Create Realistic Visions

V-Ray 6 for 3ds Max offers an integrated solution for your rendering needs, perfectly tailored for professionals in film, game development, and architecture. This version of V-Ray enhances your creative process and brings your 3D models to life with outstanding realism.

Game-Changing Features

  • Powerful CPU and GPU Rendering: Leverage the full potential of your hardware with V-Ray's flexible rendering options.
  • Real-time Rendering: See your changes in real-time and adjust your scenes with immediate feedback.
  • Advanced Lighting and Shadow Tools: Create dynamic and realistic lighting effects with a wide range of lighting settings.
  • Detailed Material and Camera Features: Gain full control over your materials and camera settings.

Tailored for Creative Professionals

V-Ray 6 for 3ds Max is designed to meet the needs of creators in various fields.

Efficiency and User-Friendliness

  • User-Friendly Interface: Quick and easy to navigate.
  • Handling Complex Scenes: V-Ray easily manages heavy and detail-rich scenes.
  • Flexible Workflows: Seamlessly integrates with 3ds Max.

The Latest Updates for V-Ray 6 for 3ds Max Include:

  • Initial Enscape Compatibility: Smooth transfer of scenes from Enscape to V-Ray.
  • MaterialX Support: Complements the USD workflow.
  • Enhanced USD Support: Supports the latest official version of Autodesk 3ds Max.
  • Chaos Cloud One-Click Submit: Easier and more convenient than ever to send renderings to the cloud directly from 3ds Max.
  • Faster .vrscene Export: Up to 20 times faster export of complex scenes, optimizing workflow.
  • Unified V-Ray Lister: Improved user interface for managing all lights and cameras from one place.
  • More Powerful GPU Rendering: V-Ray GPU now offers faster and more powerful rendering.
  • V-Ray Enmesh: Creates complex surfaces with detailed 3D geometry patterns, ideal for intricate panels, fences, fabrics, and more.
  • Faster Animation Rendering: Renders image sequences up to 4 times faster with V-Ray GPU.
  • Improved Control for More Realistic Scattering: New options in Chaos Scatter for creating more realistic scatters.
  • Improvements in V-Ray Frame Buffer (VFB): New chromatic aberration effect and the option to choose a solid background color for color corrections.
  • Chaos Cosmos IES Lights: Faster lighting of interiors with a growing library of ready-to-render assets, including realistic IES light profiles.
  • Enhanced UVWRandomizer: Several fixes and improvements have been implemented.

What is V-Ray for 3ds Max Used For?

  • Architectural Visualization
  • Vehicle and Product Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Film and TV
  • Game Cinematics
  • Virtual Reality
Software Specifications
Plugin / Add-On for Autodesk 3ds Max
Software type Rendering
Edition Commercial
License Type New license

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