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Quixel - DDO Painter - Academic

Quixel - DDO Painter - Academic


Quixel DDO Painter enables you to rapidly create incredible textures, letting you focus on polish and offloading the rest. The workflow is fast, easy and completely adaptable to your own art style. Achieve unrivaled results at unlimited resolutions with the world's first fully scan based PBR (Physically Based Rendering) workflow.


DynaMask introduces unlimited masking control for texture artists. Design stunning weathering using scan and volume based masks, while creating stylized lighting and coloration, all completely non-desctructive and extremely responsive, straight in Adobe Photoshop.

Smart Materials

Introducing Smart Materials, a physically accurate and constantly growing library of scan based materials, with measured weathering that reacts to the shape of your mesh. Also taking into account texel density and surface types, Smart Materials constitute the most powerful material technology to date.

Instant PBR

Quixel is working with top studios around the world to bring you the most standardized PBR workflow to date. Right Click Calibration makes any material conform to measured PBR values instantly, and DDO Painter ships with calibration support for a multitude of rendering engines including UE4, CryEngine, Toolbag 2 and Unity 5.

DDO Painter Basics

Software Specifications
Plugin / Add-On for Photoshop
Software type Materials & Textures
Edition Education
License Type New license
  • Product Code: 3305906
  • Availability: Digital product
  • 521 SEK
  • Ex Tax: 417 SEK

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