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McNeel - Rhino 5.0 for Mac - Educational (for students & faculty)

McNeel - Rhino 5.0 for Mac - Educational (for students & faculty)


Rhino 5.0 for Mac is not the same as Rhino 5.0 for Windows. Have a look at the feature comparison chart to find out what the differences between the two versions are. 

Software Specifications
Software type CAD software
Edition Education
License Type New license
  • Brand: McNeel
  • Product Code: 3304585
  • Availability: In Stock
  • 2,589 SEK
  • Ex Tax: 2,071 SEK

You will need to provide a valid copy of your student ID in order to purchase this product.

Please note that the right to return an item does not apply to digital deliveries or computer software where the serial number is delivered digitally. Even digital deliveries have a processing time as serial numbers and such must be verified.

This product will be delivered electronically.

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