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Autodesk - Spacemaker

Autodesk - Spacemaker
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Autodesk Spacemaker is an intuitive, collaborative, cloud-based AI software that empowers architects, urban planners and real estate developers to design high-quality site proposals.

  • Create 3D massing models of your site and its surroundings using automatic data sets
  • Test your site proposals and receive accurate analyses for 100+ criteria such as noise, wind, sun, and microclimate
  • Streamline your early-stage planning and design workflows with intuitive tools and generative design

Get a glimpse into Spacemaker

Why use Spacemaker? 

Make better design decisions 
Reflect and act on data-driven insights to deliver the best possible solution for your project.

Accelerate your site planning 
Work effectively with Spacemaker’s intuitive tools and automations, all accessible in one single software.

Improve collaboration
Collaborate in the same cloud-based 3D model anytime, anywhere to drive your project forward together.

Spacemaker features

Ready-to-use data sets 
Spacemaker sources site-specific data sets such as boundaries, terrain, buildings, and infrastructure.

Smart design tools
Draw fluidly in 2D and 3D with dynamic tools that tally floor area in real time while you draw.

Noise analysis 
Address problems related to environmental noise and meet comfort and compliance goals.

Wind analysis 
Assess your site for various effects caused by wind, providing insight into airflow patterns.

Microclimate analysis 
Evaluate the thermal comfort (UTCI) of outdoor spaces quickly, easily, and accurately.

Daylight analysis 
Assess the daylight performance on your site, including obstruction angle and vertical sky component. 

Sun analysis  
Analyze sun hours on building facades and on the ground, taking into account surroundings and terrain.

Generative design: Height studies 
Optimize the distribution of building heights within your set limits to improve density and living qualities.

Generative design: Site studies 
Quickly create and iterate many site plans according to criteria such as footprint and height.

Parking design and analysis 
Spacemaker automatically fills your defined parking area with parking spots and calculates your parking coverage.

Import and export
With IFC and OBJ formats, move your work to and from other software, including Revit and AutoCAD.

Automatic area calculations 
Easily calculate gross floor area, gross and net internal area, building coverage, facade area, and outdoor area.

Software Specifications
Software type Other
Edition Commercial
License Type New license

License is delivered digitally, usually within 1-2 business days.
Please note that the right to return an item does not apply to digital deliveries or computer software where the serial number is delivered digitally. Even digital deliveries have a processing time as serial numbers and such must be verified.

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