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Maxon - ZBrushCore 2021

Maxon - ZBrushCore 2021
  • Product Code: 3315544
  • Availability: Digital product
  • 2,057 SEK
  • Ex Tax: 1,646 SEK


ZBrushCore is exactly what its name implies: The most essential elements of the award winning ZBrush software. It includes everything that you need to get your start and make your mark in the world of digital sculpting and painting. These features are streamlined into a package that is approachable for artists of all experience levels. With ZBrushCore you can sculpt, paint and create nearly anything you might imagine.

ZBrushCore product videos

Whether your experience level is a lot or a little, ZBrushCore is so natural to use that it’s almost like modeling with actual clay – without the mess! Use ZBrushCore’s powerful toolset to create amazing details with ease, as well as paint and color your models.

Multi-Language Support

ZBrushCore is available in six different languages.* You can select your language preference during installation, as well as changing your preference on the fly from within the application. You’ll be able to feel comfortable and at home, right from the start.

*English, Japanese, German, Spanish, French and Chinese, together with support for custom translations.

ZBrushCore or ZBrush?

See this page for a feature comparison between ZBrushCore and ZBrush.

News in ZBrushCore 2021

  • ZRemesher With ZRemesher, ZBrush can nearly instantly convert any inspired 3D sculpt into a usable base mesh with clean edge loops and polygon flow. Read more here.
  • Micropoly lets you add a piece of geometry to each polygon as a completely interactive instance. Select from a library of presets to make a surface look like canvas, denim jeans, or even chainmail. Read more here.
  • Dynamic Subdivision allows you to apply dynamic smoothing to your models without actually dividing the polygons. Read more here.
  • Import from Sculptris – ZBrushCore now allows you to import *.sc1 files from Sculptris. This allows you to transfer your past creations from Sculptris to the world of ZBrush! Read more here.
  • Folders speeds up your productivity. Far more than an organizational tool, this feature also makes it possible to apply actions to all contained meshes at once such as Move, Scale, Rotate, Duplicate, Delete and more. Read more here.

System requirements

See recommended and minimum requirements for ZBrushCore here.

Software Specifications
Software type Sculpting
Edition Commercial
License Type New license

License is delivered digitally, usually within 1-2 business days.
Please note that the right to return an item does not apply to digital deliveries or computer software where the serial number is delivered digitally. Even digital deliveries have a processing time as serial numbers and such must be verified.

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