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Artec - Artec Studio Professional 15

Artec - Artec Studio Professional 15

Licenses are delivered digitally, usually within 1-2 business days. 


Artec Studio Professional 15 is newest version of Artec's industry-acclaimed software for advanced 3D scanning and data processing. Scan and process your 3D data faster than ever. Featuring the most powerful algorithms, brand new user interface and advanced features for optimizing your 3D data with speed, ease and accuracy.

New features in Artec Studio 15

Artec Studio 15 gives you the power to do more than ever before. Artec has added in a range of essential scan-to-CAD features that make everyday quality control and reverse engineering tasks easy. For graphics artists there’s much to celebrate. Artec Studio 15's smooth-as-silk user experience injects your workflow with unfettered productivity. A number of other features that upgrade your scanner and make it faster and easier to transform objects into high-accuracy 3D models. See more on Artec's web page.

  • Essential scan-to-CAD features for quick quality control operations; import CAD files directly into the Studio to align and compare them with your scans
  • Primary scan-to-CAD features for reverse engineering, allowing you to precisely position the model in the global coordinate system and use CAD primitives to extract geometrical data and import it for further operations into your CAD software
  • Scan grouping for faster and simpler data processing
  • Texture enhancement features to help you get rid of any unnecessary background color overlays, and easily apply the same texture from one model to another
  • New features and optimized algorithms, including 30% more effective auto-align (now at up to 2X the speed), auto-temperature stabilizer for Eva, more powerful Autopilot, 2X faster Ray multi-scan import and much more
  • Brand new customizable interface

Two editions: Professional and Ultimate

Artec Studio is available in two editions: Artec Studio Professional (with support for Artec 3D scanners) and Artec Studio Ultimate (with support for Artec 3D scanners and 3rd party sensors).

Artec Studio 15 Professional Artec Studio 13 Ultimate
Compatible 3D scanners Artec Leo, Artec Ray, Eva, Eva Lite, Spider, Space Spider, plus discontinued models (MH and MHT series AG, AC, W2 and T2).
Artec Leo, Artec Ray, Eva, Eva Lite, Spider, Space Spider, plus discontinued models (MH and MHT series AG, AC, W2 and T2),
Compatible 3rd party sensors Kinect for Windows V1 + V2, Intel RealSense F200 (IVCAM), Intel RealSense R200 (DS4), PrimeSense Carmine, ASUS Xtion, XYZprinting 3D Scanner.

Licensing options

Artec Studio Professional is available as a 1 year or 5 year subscription, or as a perpetual license. 

Artec Studio Ultimate is available as a 1 year or 5 year subscription.

Free trial version

Try Artec Studio Professional free for 30 days, download from here.

Product brochures

Artec has composed a couple of PDF brochures aimed for new users and skilled users. Download using the links.

Software Specifications
Software type 3D scanning
Edition Commercial
License Type New license
  • Product Code: artec-studio-professional
  • Availability: Choose option...
  • From 12,071 SEK
  • Ex Tax: 9,657 SEK

Available Options

Please note that the right to return an item does not apply to digital deliveries or computer software where the serial number is delivered digitally. Even digital deliveries have a processing time as serial numbers and such must be verified.

Item can only be sold to customer in Sweden.

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