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Toon Boom - Harmony - Upgrade

Toon Boom - Harmony - Upgrade


Harmony is the most creative and yet efficient software ever created for animation – that is why it is the industry standard. Harmony allows you to create and experiment with different effects. Animate with confidence; the tools you use in Harmony are the same ones used to create many award-winning productions.

New Features in Harmony 16

When working on a production, efficiency is key and Harmony is a ll about helping you stay focused. Through a set of new powerful tools, Harmony 16 supports pipeline integration and helps you be more efficient, increase your productivity, and solidify your workflow process.

Shift and Trace in Camera View

A new Shift and Trace tool is now available in Camera view. Having this tool available right where artists need it helps streamline work and save time when creating frame-by-frame paperless animation. Create a smoother and more natural animation flow by:

  • Positioning pegs where you want: on the side, top or bottom
  • Removing a drawing from its pegs to offset, scale and rotate for precise positioning
  • Shifting multiple drawings at the same time

Onion Skinning in Harmony 16

Harmony 16’s new Onion Skin view helps you stay focused on the task at hand by neatly consolidating your go-to onion skinning tools and newly added built-in opacity sliders into one window. For finer control over your animation and to stay on model, you now have the freedom to choose which drawings or frames you see, skipping over the ones that aren’t essential when you activate Advanced Onion Skin.

Effortless Drawing Substitutions

Cut-out rigs can contain many drawing substitutions, enabling animators to quickly swap one drawing for another during the animation phase. With the new Drawing Substitutions view in Harmony 16, all drawings for the selected layer are now conveniently displayed as thumbnails.

Instantly Modify Multiple Frames

The need to adjust the position of a prop or character over multiple frames is often required. Animate Onion Skin Range helps expedite the task of manually editing a prop, character or pose over multiple frames.

You can also swiftly apply changes to multiple frames with your Paint and Select tools with the new Apply to Onion Skin Range tool.

New Features to Inspire Creativity

Facilitate compositing tasks with Harmony 16. In just a few quick and easy steps, you can instantly loop an animation cycle or infinitely tile your background with the newly added tools - helping you avoid the need to copy and paste keyframes. You can also simulate a natural looking camera shake with the new Shake Node. Eliminate the need to depend on third-party 3D software to render 3D models into 2D for use in Harmony. Import, rotate and scale a 3D model and then convert to a 2D image directly in Harmony 16. Reposition your model and convert to 2D as many times as you want, for better workflow and better 2D-3D integration.

Toon Boom Support Offerings (with annual renewal)

Silver Support
Toon Boom's Silver Support gives you some advantages, for example access to new releases, phone and email support (within the support agreement period).

Gold Support
Toon Boom's Gold Support gives you everything that is included in the Silver Support offering, plus a few extras, for example scripting guidance, access to previous releases and access to in-between fixes.

Have a look at the comparison chart between Toon Boom's different support offerings for more information.

Software Specifications
Software type Animation
Edition Commercial
License Type Upgrade
  • Product Code: harmony-upgrade
  • Availability: Choose option...
  • From 2,892 SEK
  • Ex Tax: 2,314 SEK

Available Options

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