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Switch to a SketchUp Pro Subscription (Upgrade from perpetual license)

Switch to a SketchUp Pro Subscription (Upgrade from perpetual license)
  • Product Code: sketchup-upgrade-from-perpetual
  • Availability: Choose option...
  • From 2,055 SEK
  • Ex Tax: 1,644 SEK

Available Options


Time-limited campaign: Convert your perpetual SketchUp license to a 1 or 2 year SketchUp Pro subscription at special discounted pricing. 

SketchUp Pro Subscription benefits 

With a subscription, you’ll always be up to date with the latest features and receive more frequent updates and improvements. Get the latest version of SketchUp Pro plus enjoy access to:

  • Collaboration, data management & unlimited file storage with Trimble Connect
  • View models on the go with SketchUp Viewer mobile app featuring additional AR capabilities
  • SketchUp for Web 
  • Access to Pro Technical Support
  • Access multiple subscription versions: Install and use any two versions of SketchUp that supports a subscription license (2019 and later) at the same time.
  • Access to your perpetual license (and the ability to install it on new devices if you have available activations) 

Campaign FAQ

How long can I take advantage of the promotion for?

You get 40% off until December 4, 2021.

Which SketchUp Pro licenses are eligible?

A license must meet all the following requirements to be eligible:

  1. Perpetual Single user license or perpetual Network license of SketchUp Pro
  2. Has not previously been used in any subscription promotion
  3. Is the most recent serial number (if previously upgraded/auto-upgraded)
  4. Is a registered commercial version of SketchUp Pro 2013 or higher
  5. Is being used by a customer in the Nordics only (Customers in other regions are not eligible)

No other license types qualify for the promotion. Each perpetual license may only be converted once.

How many new discounted subscriptions can I purchase?

Single user license
For each eligible perpetual single-user license, you may purchase a single discounted 1-year (or 2-year) subscription. 

Network license
You can get up to 4 discounted subscriptions for each eligible network license seat. A customer may purchase up to a maximum of 50 discounted subscription seats in total. 

Will the promotional pricing apply to my subscription renewal?

No, the promotional pricing is applicable only to the initial term of a new subscription and is not available for any subscription renewals.

What happens to the remainder of my Maintenance and Support plan?

The Maintenance and Support contract of the perpetual license is terminated as of the date of conversion and cannot be reinstated at a later date.

What happens to my perpetual license if I take advantage of this promotion?

Single user license
That particular license may still be used and may be installed on new devices if there are remaining activations but is not eligible for updates or upgrades to a newer version. 

Network license
That particular license is deactivated 30 days after conversion and is not eligible for updates or upgrades to a newer version. 

What is the license conversion process?

  1. Customer submits their license (s) and other applicable information to the authorized reseller in its region (customer name, serial number/s, and registered email address)
  2. Reseller confirms eligibility with the customer
  3. Customer agrees to these Terms and Conditions in full
  4. Customer purchases discounted subscription(s) through the reseller
  5. Perpetual license is registered on Trimble systems as ‘converted’

Can I receive a refund after converting?

Customers are entitled to a refund for up to 14 days after converting. Upon execution of a refund:

  • New subscriptions will be terminated; and
  • The perpetual license will be reverted to its original state prior to the initial conversion

    Software Specifications
    Software type CAD software
    License Type New license

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