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Maintenance of 3D Printer - Base Fee (SLA)

Maintenance of 3D Printer - Base Fee (SLA)


We offer maintenance of SLA 3D printers (for maintenance of SLA 3D printer, click here). 

This base fee includes examination and test drive of the 3D printer, as well as shipping of the 3D printer within Sweden. The base fee is based on the weight class of the 3D printer. The cost of maintenance action(s) will be added. If you know what type of maintenance is needed, you can prepay the maintenance action(s) by adding both the base fee (this product) as well as the maintenance action(s) (see the recommended accessories below the add to cart button) to your cart. Please note that we will not start the reparation before the base fee has been paid. if you do not know what type of maintenance is needed, all you need to do is to add the base fee (this product) to the cart. Then we will contact you with suggested maintenance actions as soon as we have examined your 3D printer. Then you will also get a quote.

NOTE! Please print out your order confirmation and attach it with the 3D printer when you send it to us. Otherwise the maintenance may be delayed.

Maintenance actions – SLA 3D Printers (purchased separately)

The cost of the spare part(s) that needs to be changed during the maintenance will be charged separately after examination.


If you have any questions regarding maintenance of your 3D printer, please e-mail us at with as much information as possible (attach images or video clips describing the problem you're experiencing if possible).

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  • From 2,250 SEK
  • Ex Tax: 1,800 SEK

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