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Wacom - Flex Arm for Cintiq Pro 24 & 32

Wacom - Flex Arm for Cintiq Pro 24 & 32
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The Wacom Flex Arm with cable management delivers flexibility, design and comfort. Incline, pan and rotate your Wacom Cintiq 24 or 32 at your convenience. Mount your Cintiq Pro on your desk, the edge of your desk or as free-floating monitor with a reach of 30" across the desk. The Wacom Flex Arm is sturdy enough to support pressure while using – better than any other display arm. Max desk thickness 65 mm.

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  • For comfortable drawing and working
  • Ultimate flexibilty in positioning and placement
  • Reach across 30" desk
  • Good cable management 

What's inside?

  • 6 M 4 x 12 flat Philips head screws
  • 1 M 4 X 8 Portrait/Landscape lock screw (Hex)
  • 2 M 6 x 14 Pan head hex screws for pivot quick attachment
  • 2 1mm thick washers for pivot quick attachment
  • Desk Clamp, Extension Arm, Spring Arm, Mounting Braket
  • 1 L-shaped hex driver for set screws
  • 1 T-shaped hex driver for arm tension adjustment
  • 1 T-shaped Philips head driver
  • 2 Addtional Velcro Cable Management Straps
  • Quick Start Guide

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Wacom Cintiq Pro DTK-2420, DTH-2420, DTK-2421, DTH-2421, DTH-3220, DTH-3221. Compatible with and without Wacom Cintiq Pro Engine DPM-W1000H-EU and DPM-W1000L-EU.

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