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3D Scanners & Accessories

3D Scanners & Accessories

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Demo - MakerBot - Digitizer

Note! This item has been used and unpacked for demonstration purposes, which can mean substantial usage. The item is sold as is meaning it is fully functioning unless stated otherwise below. Minor ble..

9,375 SEK Ex Tax: 7,500 SEK

Shining 3D - EinScan-S

EinScan-S  is a desktop 3D scanner that delivers printable 3D models with high accuracy for a range of creative 3D printing applications. The 3D scanner can also be used in computer graphics and..

12,488 SEK Ex Tax: 9,990 SEK

DAVID - DAVID-SLS-3 HD - Structural Light Scanner

Precise. Flexible. Economic. Boundless. The SLS-3-HD - The main improvement of the SLS-3 is the new Full-HD camera, the DAVID-CAM-4-M. It has a fast high-resolution chip and a USB-3 interface, that's..

39,375 SEK Ex Tax: 31,500 SEK

DAVID - Automatic TurnTable - TT-1

In combination with the DAVID 3D Scanner Software (since Version 4) it will make 360° scanning much easier. The scan objects are simply placed on the TT-1 and subsequently you can rotate and scan a..

9,995 SEK Ex Tax: 7,996 SEK

Demo - Creaform - VIUscan -43%

Demo - Creaform - VIUscan

NOTE - Demo/used model - contact us for more information!   VIUscan is the only completely portable and handheld 3D color scanner that gives theese amazingly good results. This scanner not..

468,750 SEK 268,750 SEK Ex Tax: 215,000 SEK

Shining 3D - Einscan-Pro - Scanning unit

EinScan-Pro is a multi-functional handheld 3D scanner by SHINING3D. It rapidly captures 3D data in high resolution of real objects. EinScan-Pro is easy to use, portable, and light-weigh..

41,050 SEK Ex Tax: 32,840 SEK

3D Systems - Sense - v2 (Gen2)

Sense 3D-skanner från 3D Systems gör det lättare att 3D-skanna vardagsföremål. Med en handhållen liten enhet så blir det smidigt att snabbt skanna ett föremål i din närvaro. Allt du behöver är att in..

4,600 SEK Ex Tax: 3,680 SEK

Artec - EVA

Specifications  Common Specifications Artec Eva Lite Artec Eva Ability to capture texture  ..

158,625 SEK Ex Tax: 126,900 SEK

Artec - EVA Lite

Specifications  Common Specifications Artec Eva Lite Artec Eva Ability to capture texture  ..

110,625 SEK Ex Tax: 88,500 SEK

Artec - Space Spider

Artec Space Spider is a new and enhanced version of Artec Spider, designed specifically for CAD users who require absolute precision, and is ideal for reverse engineering, additive manufacturing, qu..

245,625 SEK Ex Tax: 196,500 SEK

Kremer Pigmente GmbH - Cyclododecan Spray

This spray is a non-destructive contrastspray that preps your objects for 3D-scanning. The spray creates a white, fine poweder/color on the surface which is great for 3D-scanning. The spray has..

525 SEK Ex Tax: 420 SEK

Shining 3D - Einscan-Pro - Addon - Color pack

This is an addon for the 3D scanner Einscan PRO. The color Pack Addon contains a color texture camera that is capable of capturing full-color 3D data of the object. ..

7,375 SEK Ex Tax: 5,900 SEK

Shining 3D - Einscan-Pro - Addon - Industrial Pack

This is an addon for the 3D scanner Einscan PRO. The addon contains a turntable and tripod...

7,375 SEK Ex Tax: 5,900 SEK

Shining 3D - EinScan Markerpoints - 240pcs

Sheet with 240 pieces of Ø8 mm self-adhesive reflecting markers. Stick them onto 3D scanned objects. Use with EinScan-Pro Handheld HD scan mode to make the 3D scanning process precise and the result e..

190 SEK Ex Tax: 152 SEK

DAVID - CAM 4 Upgrade Kit

Upgrade your DAVID SLS-2 into DAVID SLS-3. With this upgrade kit you will get the DAVID CAM 4, known from the DAVID 3D scanner SLS-3. Simply change the cam and the cable, take the new driver from th..

10,900 SEK Ex Tax: 8,720 SEK

DAVID - Desk Scan Lever - DSL-1

With the new DSL-1 you can mount the SLS-2 much easier right on the table - for example at workstations. The scanner is free adjustable in every direction. No more disturbing cables, no more trippi..

5,025 SEK Ex Tax: 4,020 SEK