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FTD - Deep Black - 1 kg

FTD - Deep Black - 1 kg
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Deep Black has specifically been designed to get the best out of your high end DLP/SLA machine like the FlashForge Hunter. The blend is combined with near nano carbon particles, which enables you to print objects in the highest resolutions. Despite being black, the cure times are just as any other of our fast curing resins. The Deep Black has a 81 Shore D hardness and, just like the Snow White resin, has the look and feel of injection moulded plastic. The viscosity is around 80 mPas, so not only bottom up printers can benefit of the exceptional resolution of Deep Black. Get material safety data sheet here (PDF file).

Material Type Resin

Tags: Resin, Deep Black, Durable, Shore 81 D, Carbon, Nano carbon particles, Fast cure

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