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Formlabs - Resin Bottle for Form 1+ - Flexible

Formlabs - Resin Bottle for Form 1+ - Flexible


Formlabs Flexible Resin (0.5 liters) – designed for the Form 1+ 3D printer.

Formlabs Flexible Resin is versatile, tactile, and impact-resistant. Push the boundaries of 3D printing by creating parts that are bendable and compressible. Flexible resin is excellent for prototyping, product design, and engineering.

Recommended print resolutions with Formlabs Resins

Formlabs Resins are designed for use with Formlabs 3D printers. The different resins has all been optimized to 3D print at specific resolutions. 

Standard Resins200 microns
100 microns50 microns25 microns
Clear ResinForm 1+

White Resin

Form 1/1+
Grey Resin

Black Resin

Functional Resins200 microns100 microns50 microns25 microns
Castable Resin

Flexible Resin

Tough Resin

High Temp Resin

Durable Resin

Biocompatible Resins200 microns100 microns50 microns25 microns
Dental SG Resin

Dental Model Resin

Safety Data Sheets

Technical Data Sheets

Note. We strive to always send the latest available version of Formlabs' resin. Please contact us before you place your order if you need a specific version of the resin, so that we can confirm the availability.

Ideal for

  • Impact resistance for functional engineering prototypes
  • Ergonomic prototyping: handles, grips
  • Prototyping soft overmolds
  • O-rings and gaskets in compression, seals
  • Stamps
  • Soft-touch coatings

Not suitable for

  • Simulating very high elongation materials (rubber band)
  • Very fine features or thin walls


Formlabs Flexible Resin


0.5 liters



Tensile Strength

5.9–6.6 MPa




About Formlabs Flexible Resin


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