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Olsson - Ruby Nozzle

Olsson - Ruby Nozzle
  • Brand: Olsson
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The Olsson Ruby works with a huge range of materials: PLA, ABS, CPE/PET, Nylon, and composites with abrasive additives such as Carbon fibre, Steel, Wood, Boron Carbide, Tungsten and Phosphorescent pigment, are some of the materials successfully tested so far. This is a heavy duty nozzle, make sure your 3D printer is fully compatible, see more on compatibility below.

Olsson Rudy - product video

Highly wear resistant

The ruby mounted at the tip assures that even the toughest materials will be printable. It was originally designed for printing with a composite of Boron Carbide (B4C), the third hardest known material in the world. 

Excellent heat conductivity

Since most of the Olsson Ruby is made from brass, with its excellent heat conductivity, performance and throughput is first-class.

Compatible 3D printers

To ensure your investment in this nozzle will work with your model of 3D printer, check this page for compatible 3D printers and successfully tested filaments so far.

Verified performance

People all over the world have been testing different iterations of the ruby nozzle since early 2016. We are very happy to hear about the good results from this community. 

Manufacturing quality

The Olsson Ruby is manufactured, assembled and tested in a high-quality facility in Sweden. Best quality and tolerances are guaranteed.

Recommended by the 3D printing elite

Still not convinced? Hear what other 3D experts have to say about the Olsson Ruby:

Other than being a high precision product the Olsson Ruby offers great value when iterating a project like the OpenRC Mini Quad and need that long time consistency in quality as it won´t degrade over time nearly as much many of it´s competitors when printing abrasive filament like the NylonX.
- Daniel Norée,

For more expert testimonials, please visit this page.

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