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BCN3D - BCNozzle for Sigma Hot End

BCN3D - BCNozzle for Sigma Hot End


Separate original hot ends for BCN3D Sigma 3D printer. Choose size and quantity and add to cart. Note! The 0,5 mm version is High Performance Hot End with stainless steel nozzle.

For the finest surfaces – 0.3 mm

Print the finest and most detailed parts with the hotend with the smaller nozzle diameter available for the BCN3D Sigma. Or combine its accuracy for the outlines with bigger nozzle diameters to print infills, resulting in very detailed models at a much lower printing time.

The standard dimension – 0.4 mm

It is the standard and official hotend for the BCN3D Sigma since it can provide detailed objects at a reasonable printing speed. You can also combine its accuracy for the outlines with bigger nozzle diameters to print infills, resulting in detailed models at a much lower printing time. Or you can use it to print supports in combination with a coarser hotend.

The perfect balance – 0.5 mm High Performance Hot End

Thanks to its carefully engineered hardened stainless steel nozzle you will be able to print any kind of filament without a trace of wear. Its 0.5mm diameter nozzle provides a balance between printing speed and accuracy, so the 0.5 Special nozzle is a true workhorse, capable to outperform in any circumstance. You can also combine it with any other hotend and get multimaterial parts.

For wood-filled filaments – 0.6 mm

Print faster than with the standard 0.4mm BCNozzle without giving up a good quality finish. This is the right hotend to print with wood-filled filaments since you will postprocess the print. Combine it with any other hotend size to take profit of the IDEX system and get amazing multimaterial parts.

Fastest end results – 0.8 and 1.0 mm

On these large diameter nozzles, the hotends are mounted with special aluminium blocks, which ensure consistent high flow of molten filament. Cut down drastically the printing times and get a big model or a more robust object. Or if you need detailed surfaces, use the 0.8 or 1.0 mm hotends in combination with a 0.4 mm or 0.3 mm hotend.

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