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Add3d - HT-PLA - 1,75mm - 600 g

Add3d - HT-PLA - 1,75mm - 600 g


This premium HT-PLA filament – manufactured in Sweden – is made out of a new type of high quality granulates, resulting in a material with great properties. It is stronger than normal PLA, but most importantly, it is heat resistant up to approx. 150 °C.

The spools are purposely designed to fit inside 3D printers like FlashForge Finder and FlashForge Dreamer. The 3D printed models can be dishwashed, sterilized, or used in warm environments such as engine compartments. To obtain the additional material propteries, your 3D printed parts needs to undergo an after-treatment. Put the 3D printed parts in a normal household oven for 10 minutes at 100 °C. The material will undergo a chemical process similar to the annealing process of glass. If the 3D prints do not need to be hardened, the filament works even better than most quality PLAs due to its dependability, durability and high quality. Due to the domestic manufacturing, the variations in temperature and humidity that occurs during long international deliveries are avoided, which is good for the environment as well as the filament itself. Every spool is delivered in a vacuum plastic packaging. See technical data sheet (PDF) for more information on this filament.

General settings for 3D printing with PLA

Build platform:Heated build platform (approx. 40–50 °C) is recommended but not required
Cooling fan:Recommended
Extrusion temperature:Approx. 190–230 °C

We recommend covering the build platform with Blue Painter's Tape for best adhesion.

Material Safety Data Sheet

See MSDS for ECO PLA here (PDF).

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