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ECO - ABS - 1.75 mm (1 kg)

ECO - ABS - 1.75 mm (1 kg)


All material types in the ECO filament range are produced in a sustainable way, in line with Creative Tools values. The ECO filaments are made of high-quality granules. The manufacturing process is well tested and controlled which makes the ECO filaments persistent in both shape and diameter. 

ECO ABS – Properties

  • Oil-based
  • Hard
  • Durable
  • Impact resistant
  • Rigid

Recommended print settings

To achieve the best possible results when printing with ABS filament, it is important that you use a 3D printer with a heated build platform. ABS filament will shrink if it cools down too quickly after printing. We recommed you to set the build platform temperature to approximately 70-110 ° C, depending on what 3D printer you are using.

For best adhesion, we also recommend you to cover your 3D printers build platform with Kapton Tape.

The filament will last longer if you keep it in its packaging (sealed) when you are not using it.

General settings for 3D printing with ABS

Build platform:Heated (recommended temperature: 70–110 °C)
Cooling fan:Off
Extrusion temperature:Approx. 230–250 °C

We recommend covering the build platform with Kapton Tape for best adhesion.

Filament Diameter 1.75 mm
Filament Weight 1 kg
Material Type ABS
  • Brand: ECO
  • Product Code: ECO-ABS-1-75
  • Availability: Choose option...
  • From 289 SEK
  • Ex Tax: 231 SEK
  • 5 or more 275 SEK
  • 8 or more 266 SEK
  • 16 or more 243 SEK
  • 20 or more 231 SEK

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