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Universal stand-alone filament spool holder

Universal stand-alone filament spool holder


A universal, stand-alone, rotating stand for filament spools. The spool holder's spindle is shaped to fit the vast majority of commonly used filament spools with shaft holes ranging from 16 mm to 62 mm in diameter. It is also compatible with spool-less filament coils. The spindle which holds the spool's weight rotates on its own roller wheels, which makes it turn effortlessly. The spool holder includes an arm for filament guide tubes of both common filament dimensions: 1.75 mm and 3.0 mm. The arm also contains a pocket for inserting a piece of sponge which acts a a filament filter – thus keeping the filament clean and lubricated. 


  • Fits almost any filament spool size
  • Has built-in filament filter
  • Easy to 3D-print yourself
  • Needs no glue or fasteners
  • All parts can be 3D-printed
  • Can also hold spool-less filament coils

3D-print the filament spool holder yourself for free

This filament spool holder is designed to be 3D-printed easily, without the need for fasteners such as screws, nuts, shafts, glue, etc. Every single component in this spool holder is 3D-printable. If you have your own 3D-printer and want to 3D-print this spool holder yourself, you can download the STL-files for free here.



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  • 495 SEK
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