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Creative Tools - Universal multi spool holder

Creative Tools - Universal multi spool holder
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This universal spool holder – designed by us at Creative Tools – lets you use filament spools of basically any size when you're 3D printing. You can place multiple filament spools on the spool holder at the same time. The STL file is available to download for free, if you wish to 3D print the spool holder yourself. You can also buy a 3D printed version here in our online store.

Attach the spool holder to a shelf, table top or something similar (with a thickness between 16 to 50 mm). Please make sure to tighten the spool holder to the shelf/table top until it's secure, but not to hard, as it might break the model.

When you purchase this spool holder from our online store, the 3D printed spool holder including screws, nuts and washers will be shipped to you (the bar is not included).

Do you want to 3D print this universal spool holder?

If you want to 3D print this model yourself, please go to Thingiverse to download the STL file for free (link will be available soon). You will also need the following to assemble the spool holder:

  • 2 x screws (MC6S M6x100 mm)
  • 2 x nuts (M6)
  • 4 x washers (6.2x16x1.0 mm)
  • 1 x bar

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