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Ultitop - Hood with door and HEPA filter for Ultimaker 3D Printers

Ultitop - Hood with door and HEPA filter for Ultimaker 3D Printers


Ultitops enclosure for Ultimaker 3D printers comes with a door and hood and keeps warm temperature in. And fingers out. Also, printer odours and particles are filtered in a up-to-date HEPA filter.

If you like to get the most out of your 3D printer an enclosed build volume is recommended. This helps keeping the warm air from the heated build plate near the print. The cooler room air affects the quality of prints: this usually occurs with materials like ABS, nylon, etc. that tend to warp.

Ultimaker 3D printers have a powerful heat plate that keeps the print warm during 3D printing. This minimizes material tensions in the print. Until now there has been no whole enclosure solution to insulate the warm build volume air from the cooler room air.

For schools and offices - against curious fingers and sensitive noses

Ultitop enclosures work perfectly in classrooms and keeps meddlesome pupils out and nasty odours in (or trapped in the filter). The HEPA filter is at the top of the enclosed hood. All air is filtered before it leaves the printer. This helps against ABS odours and other unwanted material vapors during operation.

Ultitop-equipped Ultimakers advantages

  • Dampens the printer noise
  • Takes better care of the surrounding temperature
  • Protects against dust, hair and other pollutions in the machine
  • Protects fingers from the hot and moving parts of the machine
  • Higher ambient temperature for ABS, PP, PC, and nylon materials
  • HEPA filter minimizes odour and particles

The enclosed HEPA filter is replaceable and operates for about 600–1,200 hours of printing. Operating time varies for different materials that are used. When using the most odorous and particular generating materials, the HEPA filter is recommended to be replaced after circa 600 operating hours.

  • Brand: Ultitop
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