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Tribility - Tribility Core

Tribility - Tribility Core


Tribility Core is a 3D print server that makes your 3D printing experience much easier. By connecting your 3D printer to the Tribility Core Box, you will be able to connect your 3D printer to your network, and control it from any computer, tablet or smartphone. By using the Tribility Core Software and Cloud Services, you will be able to be more creative and worry less about complex print settings and configurations. Tribility Core helps you choose the right print settings for your 3D model and 3D printer. 

Tribility Core offers many features and advantages, including:

  • Wireless Printing: Control and monitor your printer remotely
  • Built-in Apps: With the built-in design apps, everyone can be a 3D-model designer. No prior knowledge is needed and it only take a few minutes to get your first model ready to be printed!
  • Pause and Resume: Pause your print whenever you like and resume it at a later time. Perfect when you have to leave your house/office.
  • No Complex Settings: There is no need to change settings and tune configurations every time you make a model ready to be printed. Just click "Print" and the model will print perfectly!
  • Use Your Tablet or Smartphone: With Tribility Core you do not even need a computer to use the 3D-printer. A tablet or smartphone works great.
  • Online Models Library: Find models to print by browsing the built-in models library. If you like, you may share your own models so other users can print them as well.

Easy to use

With an intuitive and user-friendly interface, the Tribility Core software lets you monitor and control your 3D printer remotely. You can also design new 3D models from scratch by using the built-in applications, or download print-ready 3D models from the online library. With Tribility Cloud Service you will have a powerful 3D models processor, online library, models sharing and backup. All included.

Supported 3D printers

Tribility Core has support for the following 3D printers:

  • MakerBot Replicator 2
  • Weistek WT150

The 3D print server will soon be compatible with more 3D printer models.

  • Brand: Tribility
  • Product Code: 3303921
  • Availability: On order
  • 1,999 SEK
  • Ex Tax: 1,599 SEK

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