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Creative Tools - Spool holder for Flashforge Adventurer 3

Creative Tools - Spool holder for Flashforge Adventurer 3
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Spool holder for the 3D printer Flashforge Adventurer 3, which makes it easy to 3D print with filaments from more manufacturers than Flashforge. The built-in filament spool holder in Flashforge Adventurer 3 basically only holds Flashforge's own filament spools. With this spool holder, you can easily 3D print with larger filament spools as well. For example, you can 3D print with our climate-friendlier filament series ECOrefill.

The spool holder is designed and 3D printed by us at Creative Tools. Order a 3D printed copy here in our online store, or download the .STL file for free from Thingiverse and 3D print the spool holder yourself.

Note: There are a few different versions of Flashforge Adventurer 3. This spool holder is customized to fit the version of Adventurer 3 that has three reinforcements on the built-in spool holder.

Note: The spool holder will be 3D printed in a randomly selected colour (may not be the same as the image above shows).

Please note: We have designed this spool holder in two different versions to suit different models of Flashforge Adventurer 3. Does your Adventurer 3 have three or four reinforcements on the built-in spool holder (see images below)? Make sure to print or purchase the right version for your printer.  

Three reinforcements:

Four reinforcements:

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