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Palette knife

Palette knife
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Straight and flexible palette knife suitable for removing 3D printed objects from 3D printers' build plates. The thin blade makes it easy to wedge the blade between the plate and the model. This knife is made of strong stainless steel inserted into a shaft of hardwood.


•  Place the tip of the blade slightly slanted at the edge of the border where the 3D printed model meets the plate
•  Use a small hammer or a woodblock to tap the tip of the knife about 1 cm under the model
•  Turn the blade as much as possible right and left around its tip
•  It is easier to work from several different places around the model's border than to work deeper from just one insertion point
•  The model should gradually release from the build plate and finally detach completely
•  Be extremely careful not to aim the tip of the knife towards your body or your hands while holding the plate or model!
•  Use a grindstone to create and maintain a sharp edge at the tip of the palette knife

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