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CT - External spool holder for Flashforge Finder

CT - External spool holder for Flashforge Finder


Flashforge Finder has a built-in filament spool holder which is neatly folded into a dedicated space inside the 3D printer. Unfortunately, only Flashforge's own filament spools will fit in the built-in spool holder. That's why we recommend to get this 3D printed external filament spool holder for your Flashforge Finder as well. With this external spool holder, you can use filaments (with different filament spool dimensions) from other brands, such as our ECO filaments.

The filament holder's axle is hollow to accommodate one or more units of the Universal Filament Filter and Lubricator. The end of the axle has a thread that fits the corresponding screw cap. We recommend using this small filter/lubricator to keep the filament clean before it enters the extruder.

Please note that when using this external holder, the filament bypasses the built-in filament detection switch. Therefore the Finder won't be able to sense when the spool runs out of filament and pause the ongoing 3D printing process. If you use external spools you will need to turn off the filament sensing feature using the settings menu on the machine's touchscreen display.

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