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Add3D - Adjustable Drive Block Upgrade - Replicator 2X

Add3D - Adjustable Drive Block Upgrade - Replicator 2X


Experimental adjustable drive block for the 3D printer Replicator 2X. The purpose of this design is to allow the operator to fine-tune the pressure applied to the filament by the idler ball bearing. This can be of advantage when experimenting with plastic types which are softer than standard ABS or PLA filament.

Parts list

  1. Base left (3D-printed part)
  2. Base right (3D-printed part)
  3. Lever left (3D-printed part)
  4. Lever right (3D-printed part)
  5. Bearing cover left (3D-printed part)
  6. Bearing cover right (3D-printed part)
  7. Stepper motor cable cover (3D-printed part)
  8. Knob bottom part (3D-printed part)
  9. Knob top part (3D-printed part)
  10. M3 Nylock nut (2 pcs)
  11. M3 countersunk screw - 23 mm (2 pcs)
  12. M3 countersunk screw - 6 mm (2 pcs)
  13. M3 hexagon screw - 35 mm (2 pcs)

Ball bearing

Note that the ball bearings are not supplied in this kit. You can re-use the ones on the Replicator 2X original extruder block. Please make sure to keep all of the original parts in a safe place. Do not discard them! In case you prefer to get new ones, they are standard axial ball bearings.

•  Inner diameter: 4 mm
•  Outer diameter: 10 mm
•  Width: 4 mm

Tools and materials required

•  2 mm hex key
•  Water pump pliers
•  Beak pliers
•  A few drops of super glue


A full set of step-by-step instructions are available in this article at

Note: This is not intended to be a replacement for MakerBot's original extruder block! Since the Replicator 2X Desktop 3D printer is suited for power-users who like to experiment, this adjustable extruder block offers an alternative way of gripping the filament and pressure fine-tuning. Please do not attempt to replace your original block if you are not comfortable disassembling your current extruder and fix any issues. If you try this design, make sure to save the original parts and follow the instructions below carefully.

3D print the parts yourself

If you have access to a 3D printer you can download the files for free from this Thingiverse item or this Instructables article.

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