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AprintaPro - PrintaKit - Verktygskit för alla 3D-skrivare

PrintaKit is a 37 pieces toolkit containing all necessary tools a maker will need to use and operate a 3D printer. The kit is a compilation of high quality professional tools delivered in a strong cas..

795 SEK Ex Tax: 636 SEK

Ultitop - Hood with door and HEPA filter for Ultimaker 3D Printers

Ultitops enclosure for Ultimaker 3D printers comes with a door and hood and keeps warm temperature in. And fingers out. Also, printer odours and particles are filtered in a up-to-date HEPA filter.If y..

From 3,825 SEK Ex Tax: 3,060 SEK

BCN3D - Sigma enclosure and door

Sturdy plexi glass enclosure and door for BCN3D Sigma2017 and BCN3D SigmaX. Keeps an even working environment temperature inside, and dust and fingers outside. ..

From 4,000 SEK Ex Tax: 3,200 SEK

Formlabs - Form Wash

Note! The Form Wash and Form Cure can currently be pre-ordered: both units will estimated ship in year end.Post-Processing Designed for the Form 2The Formlabs Form Wash and Form Cure is a system for a..

6,245 SEK Ex Tax: 4,996 SEK

Formlabs - Form Cure

Note! The Form Wash and Form Cure can currently be pre-ordered: both units will estimated ship in year end.Post-Processing Designed for the Form 2The Formlabs Form Wash and Form Cure is a sy..

8,745 SEK Ex Tax: 6,996 SEK

BCN3D - Hot End Family - (full BCNozzle range)

Every part has its particularities and needs, so it’s wise to choose the proper hotend for each print job. The new hotend family covers a wide range of nozzle sizes allowing you to print from tiny and..

2,725 SEK Ex Tax: 2,180 SEK

Add3D - PEI 3D Printing Surface

PEI is a 3D printing surface that helps 3D prints adhere better to the 3D printer's build platform. It is reusable and doesn't require any additional adhesives such as glue or tape. PEI 3D printing su..

From 160 SEK Ex Tax: 128 SEK

BCN3D - BCNozzle for Sigma Hot End

Separate original hot ends for BCN3D Sigma 3D printer. Choose size and quantity and add to cart. Note! The 0,5 mm version is High Performance Hot End with stainless steel nozzle.For the finest surface..

From 410 SEK Ex Tax: 328 SEK

Magicfirm - Multi-Material Extension Kit - ZYYXpro

The ZYYX pro user that wants to print with more conventional materials such as proPLA or proABS is offered a multi-material extension kit.The Kit includes:Selection of SwiftTool™ tool heads (0.2 mm, 0..

3,688 SEK Ex Tax: 2,950 SEK

Ultitop - HEPA filter

HEPA filter for Ultitop hoods on Ultimaker 3D printers. The HEPA filter is replaceable and operates for about 600–1,200 hours of printing. Operating time varies for different materials that are used. ..

300 SEK Ex Tax: 240 SEK

NextDent - LC-3DPrint Box - UV curing unit for resin hardening

The LC 3DPrint Box is a revolutionary UV curing unit, specially designed for post curing 3D printing materials like Formlabs resins. The new LC 3DPrint Box is equipped with 12 UV light bulbs which are..

35,625 SEK Ex Tax: 28,500 SEK

Curator - M - UV Light Curing Unit

This device is suitable for polymerizing light-curing dental materials like impression trays, sealing varnishes and blockout materials. There is sufficient space in the curing chamber for up to 4 mode..

5,494 SEK Ex Tax: 4,395 SEK

Add3D - Blue masking tape for 3D printer build platforms - 70 mm x 50 m

Blue masking tape intended for better adhesion when 3D printing with PLA. Cover your 3D printer's build platform with blue masking tape for better adhesion. ..

180 SEK Ex Tax: 144 SEK

ADD3D - UV Flashlight incl. rechargeable battery and charger

Rugged flashlight perfect for post-cure and repairing SLA 3D prints. The flashlights wavelength (365 nm) is optimised for UV hardened resins. Rechargeable 18650 type 4000 mAh ..

249 SEK Ex Tax: 199 SEK

CT - External spool holder for Flashforge Finder

Flashforge Finder has a built-in filament spool holder which is neatly folded into a dedicated space inside the 3D printer. Unfortunately, only Flashforge's own filament spools will fit in the built-i..

295 SEK Ex Tax: 236 SEK

Palette knife

Straight and flexible palette knife suitable for removing 3D printed objects from 3D printers' build plates. The thin blade makes it easy to wedge the blade between the plate and the model. This kn..

80 SEK Ex Tax: 64 SEK

Add3d - Bakelite build plate - 250 x 160 x 10 mm

A sturdy bakelite build plate in 250 x 160 x 10 mm for a range of 3D printers, e.g. MakerBot Replicator 2X and Flashforge Dreamer. Strongly recommended for Nylon filament prints...

235 SEK Ex Tax: 188 SEK

Techniques for 3D printing and other rapid prototyping - Basic training (1 day)

Get started with your 3D printer by taking our 3D printing course. The course is designed to give an introduction on the history of 3D printing and today's 3D printing techniques. By including practi..

5,000 SEK Ex Tax: 4,000 SEK

BuildTak - 3D printing surface

Ideal build surface for FFF type 3D printers from Belgian-Dutch BuildTak. If you can not find BuildTak in the right dimension, see build surfaces from ADD3D – click here.Key FeaturesWorks with ABS, PL..

From 63 SEK Ex Tax: 50 SEK

ADD3D - Fan 12V - 4010

Generic extruder fan 4010S..

75 SEK Ex Tax: 60 SEK

ADD3D - Fan 12V - 4020

Generic 12V extruder fan type 4020S. Suitable for mounting close to a 3D printer's extruder to cool down a 3D-printed part.Width: 42 mmDepth: 42 mmHeight: 19,5 mmMounting screw hole diameter: 3,5 mmHe..

125 SEK Ex Tax: 100 SEK

ADD3D - Ceramic insulating tape for extruders 8 cm

8 cm of this Ceramic insulation tape is enough to cover one extruder. To make sure you get enough, measure the old tape or measure your extruders. In the case that you need more, just add 2 pieces ..

75 SEK Ex Tax: 60 SEK

Add3d - Sub-Micro fibre Wipes

Excellent micro fibre wipes for cleaning STL 3D printers (resin). Also useful for FFF 3D printer models combined with acetone or alcohol solvents for cleaning build plates. Comes in pack of 100...

399 SEK Ex Tax: 319 SEK

Chemtronica - Limonene - 0.5 L

Limonene for dissolving HIPS-3D-prints 0,5L  97% Technical documentation can be found here...

795 SEK Ex Tax: 636 SEK

Add3d - Cold Pull kit (1.75mm) - 1m

Filament kit for cleaning clogged extruders on FFF type 3D printers (1.75 mm) using Cold Pull principle. See instructions here (currently in Swedish only)...

50 SEK Ex Tax: 40 SEK

Add3d - Cold Pull kit (3.0mm) - 1m

Filament kit for cleaning clogged extruders on FFF type 3D printers (1.75 mm) using Cold Pull principle. See instructions here (currently in Swedish only)...

50 SEK Ex Tax: 40 SEK

MakerBot - Precut Painter's Tape 10 pack - Replicator Desktop

The MakerBot Build Plate Tape for Replicator Desktop 3D Printer protects the build plate and makes it easy to remove finished 3D prints from the build plate. Package contains 10 sheets. ..

250 SEK Ex Tax: 200 SEK