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FlashForge - Inventor IIS

FlashForge - Inventor IIS


FlashForge Inventor IIS is the successor of the popular 3D printer FlashForge Inventor II. Guider IIS comes with some great new features, including a built-in camera that lets you monitor print jobs via Polar3D where ever you are. It also comes with a removable and flexible build surface, which makes is so much easier to remove finished prints from the build platform.  Inventor IIS is a safe, easy-to-use and cost-effective 3D printer, with wireless connection, enclosed build chamber and full colour touch screen.

2nd generation Wi-Fi

FlashForge lnventor IlS features the 2nd generation Wi-Fi connection – just like its predecessor – for stable wireless file transmission. You can send 3D files from your computer to lnventor IlS memory with your own Wi-Fi network. USB stick is another stable way to transfer files. No USB cable, no interruption – even when your computer runs into standby. 

Operation is easy – like a smart phone

FlashForge Inventor IIS has a 3.5-inch HD IPS touchscreen right at the top of the printer with big, easy-to-understand controls. Only 4 taps to start your print, no need to hook it up to your computer. See previews of model files and you know that is what you want to print. Real-time view printing status and you know when it will be finished. Built-in multiple languages compatibility including English, German, French, Dutch, Polish, Korean and Japanese is added to its ease of use.

Loads of smart features

Other features that simplify working with Inventor IIS: its assisted leveling system detects distance between nozzle and platform; the slide-in build plate makes removing prints much easier; there is a built-in filament run-out detection; the enclosed print chamber makes the Inventor IIS operating very quietly (~ 50 dB); external power supply makes the printer safer and optimises its inner machine volume. Optical end stops offers greater reliability, and new 300MHz processor and new touch screen give faster response times.

Free cloud-based management

With the free cloud service Polar Cloud on Polar3D you can manage your FlashForge Inventor II 3D printers from an easy-to-use web interface. Log on with your Facebook or Google account and add your Inventor IIS units. From Polar3D you can upload print jobs, monitor machine parameters like current temperatures, start, paus, resume, stop prints and more. A particularly useful tool when operating multiple 3D printers or when teleworking.

Innovative air supply for fantastic surface quality

Inventor IIS supports PLA filament. PLA filament need to be quickly cooled to achieve a smooth print effect. Innovative four-sided air supply design of Inventor II, allow the PLA to quickly cool the shape.

Smart door for more safety and flexibility

Inventor IIS has a top cover, side panels, and a front door. The fully enclosed design ensures the printing process is safe. In the print process, open the door and Inventor IIS intelligent door sensor will remind you the door is open, pausing the print. It automatically resumes printing once the door is closed.

Only PLA filament – green and non-toxic

PLA filaments for lnventor IlS are non-toxic, biodegradable plastics that are recyclable and safe for the environment. A 600 g spool of FlashForge original PLA filament comes in the box so you can start 3D printing right away.

FlashPrint – with more possibilities

Generating supports does not get any easier than this. FlashPrint automatically generates supports based on the model's overhang angles. At same time, you can add more necessary supports to output better prints , or remove unnecessary ones to save materials. Dendriform (treelike) supports allow you to print much more complex models, snapping off supports easily without damaging your printed objects.

Cut and Split

Featured with cut and split function, FlashPrint allows you to divide your model into several separate parts when it is too big as for one print. Limited build volume can print bigger models.

2D into 3D feature

The 2D into 3D featured in FlashPrint allows you to convert 2D image files into 3D models. This is one of the easiest ways to start 3D designing. All you need to do is to drag image and select parameters you want. 

Make 3D printing even more fun – with Happy 3D

The method of printing gets constantly simplified, but the way of 3D modeling is still not easy. Happy 3D allow drawing 2D objects or extending them to 3D. Happy 3D gives people a whole new experience, with more than 100 free 3D models with 7 categories items to creating 3D designs by combining two or more models in just few simple steps. It supports FlashForge 3D printing, taking design models as inputs and sending them to a 3D printer.

3D Printer Specifications
Print Technology FFF
Assemble Type Assembled
Build Volume 150 x 140 x 140 mm
Number of Extruders One
Layer Resolution 0.050–0.4 mm (50–400 microns)
Print Speed 25 cm3 / h
Nozzle Diameter 0.4 mm
Max. temperature 240 °C
Position Accuracy XY-axis: 0.011 mm | Z-axis: 0.0025 mm
Filament Diameter 1.75 mm
Material Type PLA | ECO Super Premium PLA | ECO PETG | ECO PLA Wood | ECO TPU (SHORE-value: 95A, 60D and 64D)
SD Card Reader Yes
USB Port Yes
Wi-Fi Yes
Camera Monitoring Yes
Enclosed build chamber Yes
Heated Build Platform No
Illuminated Build Area Yes
Removable Build Platform Yes
Built-in Display Yes
Software Specifications
Included Software FlashPrint
Supported OS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
File formats STL, OBJ, 3MF, FFP, JPEG, BMP, PNG
Size & Weight
Product Dimensions 420 x 420 x 570 mm
Product Weight 11 kg
  • Product Code: 3312044
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
  • 7,495 SEK
  • Ex Tax: 5,996 SEK

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