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Creative Tools - BotFarm 9X

Creative Tools - BotFarm 9X


Creative Tools BotFarm includes nine Flashforge Finder CT Special Edition 3D printers and associated furniture (see product image). We have put together this botfarm especially for businesses, schools and organizations. Thanks to Creative Tools Botfarm, your team or students will have access to nine Creative Tools certified 3D printers for flexible and cost-effective prototype manufacturing.

We believe in a solution where you can flexibly assign machines to teams, student groups, classes or individuals. Flexibility is the key to success for large companies and schools wanting to introduce their organization to the 3D printing technology and all its possibilities. That’s why we’ve put together Creative Tools Botfarm – nine 3D printers for less than 50.000 SEK excl. VAT. It’s equivalent to the price of 2–5 traditional 3D printers, but gives more users access to the technology at the same time.

Why nine small 3D printers instead of one large 3D printer?

The majority of 3D prints made on the market is less than 1 liter in volume. Generally, the larger model you print, the more difficult it is to achieve good results. Larger prints also require longer print times, higher material consumption, and higher wear on PTFE tubes, etc. Larger 3D printers have to be very finely tuned and reliable, and typically require more maintenance. 

With nine 3D printers available, your team or students will have a very flexible and cost-effective solution at their disposal. Every Flashforge Finder 3D printer features a build volume of 140 x 140 x 140 mm (2.74 liters) each, which is usually more than enough. If you need to print a larger model it is possible to divide the model into smaller parts using a 3D printing software such as netfabb. When you’ve 3D printed all the smaller parts, all you need to do is glue them together to create the desired model. With nine machines, you can also choose to print with nine different colours or different material types at the same time, to create a broad portfolio of models/prototypes.

About Flashforge Finder CT Special Edition

The 3D printer model Flashforge Finder CT Special Edition is incredibly easy to use and is suitable for beginners as well as experienced users. The Special Edition of Flashforge Finder can 3D print with the following material types: PLA, ECO PLA Wood, ECO PETG, and ECO TPU (SHORE-values: 95A, 60D and 64D).

Read more about Flashforge Finder CT Special Edition.


The furnitures included in Creative Tools Botfarm is delivered flat packed, assembly is not included in the price.  Please contact us for a quote if you want us to arrange installation of the Botfarm and the included furnitures.

Specifications – Creative Tools Botfarm

The specifications below applies if you divide the model into parts in a 3D printing software such as netfabb and glue the parts together into one after printing
Build volume
24.66 liters
Print speed216 cm3 / h *
Print speed (mm/s)
450–720 mm / s

* Please note that the print speed is measured by the amount of extruded filament. The actual print volume could be more that that, as you use different infill settings for different prints.

Recommended accessories

We recommend you to add one service agreement per 3D printer when purchasing this product (see the recommended accessories below the “Add to Cart” button on this page). Also, don’t forget to add 3D printing filaments, palette knifes, etc. For teams and teachers who are 3D printing beginners, we would also recommend you to attend our basic training course in techniques for 3D printing and other rapid prototyping. It will be very helpful for anyone wanting to get started with 3D printing as soon as possible.

The specifications below apply to the Flashforge Finder CT Special Edition (per machine).
3D Printer Specifications
Print Technology FFF
Assemble Type Assembled
Build Volume 140 x 140 x 140 mm (2.74 liters)
Number of Extruders One
Layer Resolution 0.05–0.4 mm (50–400 microns)
Print Speed 50–80 mm / second
Nozzle Diameter 0.4 mm
Max. temperature 240 °C
Position Accuracy XY-axis: 0.011 mm | Z-axis: 0.0025 mm
Filament Diameter 1.75 mm
Material Type PLA | ECO PETG | ECO PLA Wood | ECO TPU (SHORE-value: 95A, 60D and 64D)
SD Card Reader No
USB Port Yes
Wi-Fi Yes
Enclosed build chamber No
Heated Build Platform No
Illuminated Build Area Yes
Removable Build Platform Yes
Built-in Display Yes
Software Specifications
Compatible Software Simplify3D
Included Software FlashPrint
Supported OS Mac, Windows
  • Product Code: 3305670
  • Availability: On order
  • 51,159 SEK
  • Ex Tax: 40,927 SEK

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