Press release

Creative Tools and Megafront collaborate to continue benefiting the industry with local resellers

| April 28, 2023

To continue providing personalized contact for studios and companies in the VFX and Media & Entertainment industry, Creative Tools based in Halmstad and Megafront based in Falun have decided to enter into a collaboration. The collaboration means that Megafront will end its distribution rights of Autodesk products and hand over the sales to Creative Tools.

 As of April 27, 2023, the transfer of the distribution rights of Autodesk products from Megafront to Creative Tools has taken place and Creative Tools takes over the Autodesk customer base that Megafront has managed for 23 years. The collaboration between the two parties aims to continue benefiting the industry and provide customers with knowledgeable and personalized direct contact with a local Swedish reseller of Autodesk products.

As suppliers around the world demand increasingly high sales requirements from resellers, the proportion of local resellers will decrease significantly. By Creative Tools taking over the sales of Autodesk products, Megafront and Creative Tools are trying to create good conditions for one Autodesk reseller in the region.

"Creative Tools is proud to take over Megafront's Autodesk customer base and looks forward to continuing to offer personalized and knowledgeable contact to our new customers. With 20 years of experience in the industry, we are confident that we will be as good a partner as Megafront has proven to be," says Malin Enting, CEO of Creative Tools.

"This collaboration benefits the industry and is in the customer's best interest. Since our inception in 2000, Megafront has always cherished long and good relationships. We want customers to continue to put themselves on the map through amazing work in VFX and M&E, and now that is done by Creative Tools managing the Autodesk relationships we have built over the years," says Magnus Björkman, CEO of Megafront.

The collaboration only includes companies that are Autodesk customers of Megafront. Megafront will continue to offer sales and service with the same team as before for other software products from their suppliers.

For more information, please contact:

Malin Enting, VD Creative Tools

Magnus Björkman, VD Megafront

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