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Cinema 4D Short-Term Licenses – FAQ

In response to the growing interest in temporary licensing for Cinema 4D, MAXON has introduced short-term licensing for those studios needing to temporarily ramp up production or those who wish to use Cinema 4D in production for a limited period.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cinema 4D Short-Term Licenses

Q: Is this a monthly subscription for Cinema 4D?
A: No. These are short-term licenses for Cinema 4D which are restricted to a pre-defined time period. 

Q: Does this mean MAXON is eliminating perpetual licenses?
A: No. MAXON remains committed to offering perpetual licenses. Short-term licensing is a solution to make it easier for individuals to acquire Cinema 4D and for larger companies to adjust licensing counts to satisfy short-term production needs.

Q: How do I get my software and license?
A: Short-term licenses are available via download only. No physical shipment of short-term licenses is available.

Q: How long will the license work?
A: Short-term licenses are available for terms of 3 or 6 months. 

Q: What happens when my licensed time ends?
A: When the purchased time period ends, the license expires. A prompt will be displayed 14 days before the Cinema 4D license is due to expire.

Q: Can a short-term license be extended?
A: Yes. Licenses can be extended or reactivated by purchasing another 3- or 6-month term. Breaks between licensing periods are possible. When extending your short-term license you will automatically receive the latest version of Cinema 4D. You can, upon request, opt to extend your existing license instead.

Q: Will I be automatically charged for another license term?
A: No. Because this is not a subscription, short-term licenses will not automatically renew.

Q: For which versions of Cinema 4D can I purchase a short-term license?
A: MAXON offers short-term licenses for Cinema 4D Studio only.

Q: How does the short-term licensing work?
A: The short-term license requires 2 serial numbers - one Cinema 4D serial number and one runtime number that defines the time period. Licenses can be verified in the Cinema 4D registration dialogue, which also shows how many days remain before the license expires.

Q: Can I get a short-term floating license?
A: Yes. Floating or Multi-licensing is possible. In this case a third serial number defines the number of licenses that can be used concurrently. The MAXON License Server (MLS) required to administer short-term floating licenses is not included. However, a previously purchased MAXON License Server can be used. Please note that due to technical limitations the number of licenses linked to one serial number cannot be changed within the defined term. Adding i.e. purchasing additional floating licenses to the same linked serial number after expiration is possible. Reducing the number of licenses requires a new and additional serial number, runtime number and multi-licensing number.

Q: Can I use serialized plugins with a short-term license of Cinema 4D?
A: Yes, you can purchase and use serialized plugins with the short-term license. When extending a short-term license, you can still keep the same Cinema 4D serial number to which the plugin serial number is linked. As a result, there should be no problems with plugins linked to your Cinema 4D serial number.

Q: What kind of support is offered for short-term licenses?
A: A short-term license is entitled to the same installation support as perpetual licenses. No additional services are included. 

Q: Will I automatically get an upgrade when a new version is released?
A: Short-term licenses are not eligible for automatic upgrades within the defined runtime period. If customers order shortly before a new release comes to market, they continue with the release that was purchased. Service updates (service packs) are available as they are for perpetual licenses. However, once a short-term license has expired a new short-term license of the latest release can be purchased.

Q: Can I upgrade my short-term license to a permanent license?
A: Yes. Short-term licenses can be upgraded at a discounted price to a permanent license. Additional information is available at your authorized MAXON reseller or directly at MAXON

Q: Where can I purchase a short-term license?
A: Short-term licenses are available through MAXON offices and authorized distributors only. 

Q: What information do I have to provide when purchasing a short-term license?
A: A runtime license can only be issued when it is fully registered in our database with a complete customer record, including name, company, address and a valid email.

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