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V-Ray Next for Rhino Update 2 ute nu

2020-03-18 16:03

Senaste uppdateringen av renderaren V-Ray Next for Rhino har släppts av Chaos Group. Se komplett release notes här. Lite om nyheterna:

  • RTX support – Boost your V-Ray GPU performance with NVIDIA RTX technology.
  • Decals support – Add images to paintings, signs, screens and more — plus, Decals work with native and V-Ray materials.
  • Proxy mesh materials – Import or create a proxy mesh asset and V-Ray will automatically generate a set of material slots.
  • Partial scene export – Export only selected objects as a .vrscene file containing geometry and the applied materials.
  • Improved materials – The underlying shading structure of all scene materials has been optimized.
  • Color assistant – Choose the exact color you need with the right hue, saturation and value variation with the Color Assistant.
  • Extended script access – The updated V-Ray scripting API provides more options to start a render.
  • And more! Enjoy a new color theme, a unified one-step installer and numerous V-Ray for Grasshopper enhancements.

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