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Global Mapper 21.1 ute

2020-02-14 08:12

Uppdateringen 21.1 av Global Mapper är släppt. Här är tillverkaren Blue Marbles egen lista med alla förbättringar och nyheter:

  • New Raster Reclassification analysis tool. This allows users to reassign pixel palette index values and can be used to replace values, group values together, and reclassify values to a common scale.        
  • Built-in access to premium online Blackbeard Tanuki oil and gas data services, providing pipeline, well, and lease information.        
  • New cloud import and export functionality for accessing public Amazon Web Service (AWS) buckets, such as USGS Lidar data.        
  • New Digitizer tool for setting the slope between individual vertices in a line feature.
  • Expanded vector feature shift functionality to include the option to apply a vertical offset.        
  • New styling options for selected lidar points in the 3D View allowing both attribute coloring and selection state to be displayed.        
  • Significant speed improvements to view shed calculation, especially on computers with a large number of cores.        
  • Improved rendering speed when working with large raster/terrain layers on multi-core computers.        
  • Significant reduction in the processing time when using the Batch Conversion/Reproject tool.        
  • New tool for saving user settings allowing user interface customization and styles to be shared between computers.         
  • New option to save and reload queries in the attribute search dialog box.        
  • Improved raster transparency tool with a new option to select multiple colors to be transparent.        

Större nya features på LiDAR Module

  • New tool that finds the best fit match between lidar or point cloud layers and automatically shifts one to match the other.
  • New point cloud change detection tool that creates a new layer containing points that are significantly offset when comparing two point cloud layers.
  • New option to include a Z value for the control points used to shift a layer when rectifying point clouds and 3D models.
  • Improved point cloud generated by Pixels to Points process.
  • New tool for extracting utility poles from a point cloud containing appropriately classified points. The resulting point can either represent the top or bottom of the pole.

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