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Artec 3D bjuder in till beta-testing

2019-05-03 08:02

Artec 3D, som utvecklar 3D-skannrar med tillhörande mjukvara, uppmanar användare av Artec Studio att beta-testa version 14. Så här skriver Artec 3D själva i ett utskick:

The current Beta version of Artec Studio 14 contains several new features, including:

  • Bridges function for hole filling (Fix Holes > Bridges)
  • Automatic texture brightness slider adjustment
  • Sounds (indicating the completion of processing algorithms and other functions)
There are also important improvements and bug-fixes, including:

  • Transformation tool is available for editing raw scans again
  • Scanner type preset is added to the tools menu for easier access
  • Minor interface changes for improved usability

In order to participate in the Artec Studio 14 Beta testing, please log into the Artec Installation Center using your Master Account (or Refresh the Artec Installation Center's window if you are already logged in). You should see the Artec Studio 14 Beta 2, version available for installation. Please download, install, and activate the Artec Studio 14 Beta accordingly.

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