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Autodesk Account Quick Reference Guide

This is a guide to Autodesk Account for all users of Autodesk Subscription software. Here you find sets of compiled links to essential information on how you retrieve and best utilize your Autodesk products.

The links in the top field are the most important ones. In the next field you find links to information very useful to be aware of. In the bottom field you will find links to information that can serve as supplementary studies.

Installation, Activation & Licensing

How do I install the software?

Here you will find instructions on how to install your Autodesk software through the online tool Autodesk Account.

Find your license details

Looking for your serial number or product key? Here you will find information on how to find your license details.

Flexible Licensing Options

Several options are available that allow you to use your license in more places with access to both current and previous versions of your software. 

Account Management

Sign in to Autodesk Account

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about Autodesk Account, including how to find your login information.

Give the users access to their software

Are you the software administrator for your company or organisation? Read about how you can add or remove users and how you give them the right user permissions.

The complete guide for software administrators

In this comprehensive e-book for software admnistrators, you will learn more about how to manage users and install software.

About Autodesk's Cloud Services

As a Subscription customer you have access to Autodesk's Cloud Services, which give you collaboration tools and access to your files and software almost anywhere.

Support & Self-help

Autodesk's License Parser

Get useful information about your license file. Autodesk's License Parser will convert the information in your license file into an easy-to-read report.

Autodesk's Self-Help tool

In Autodesk's Virtual Agent, a self-help tool, you will find answers to questions about product registration & activation, as well as help you to find download links, serial numbers and product keys.

Creative Tools Helpdesk

Contact our support team for free technical support in Swedish and English. Our product experts will be happy to help you!

Autodesk's Support

Want to contact Autodesk's support team? Here you will find information on how to create a support ticket.

Benefits of being a customer to Creative Tools

We are a certified Autodesk Gold Partner. Our ambition is to help you achieve your goals. By providing the right tools for your specific needs, we will help you to improve and streamline your 3D production. One of the benefits of purchasing your Autodesk Subscription through us is that you can always be confident that we will provide you with necessary assistance.

Our product experts offer free technical customer support in Swedish and English. We have over 20 years experience in the 3D industry and a wide range of solutions for 3D production. These three words characterize the way we work: dedication, expertise and industry experience.

Creative Tools' initiative to help teachers to adopt to the new and revolutionary 3D techonology and to encourage the use of 3D in school.

A 3D model by Creative Tools specifically designed for testing and benchmarking 3D printers. Download for free, make and share.

Creative Tools' event where 3D professionals meet to network, gain insights from expert speakers, and pick up on the latest 3D news.