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3DFactories - EASY3DMAKER

     Get a 3D Print SampleWould you like to see and feel the result of a model printed on this machine, before you decide whether you should buy it or not? Order..

22,650 SEK Ex Tax: 18,120 SEK

3DFactories - Build plate

Original build plates for 3DFactories EASY3DMAKER (250 x 250 mm) and PROFI3DMAKER (450 x 325 mm). For best possible adhesiveness for a number of filament materials. ..

From 795 SEK Ex Tax: 636 SEK

3DFactories - Nozzle

Original nozzle in different sizes for 3DFactories 3D printers Profi3DMaker and Easy3DMaker...

From 435 SEK Ex Tax: 348 SEK

3Dfactories - Cable Profi motor X Assembly

Thread the cable through the openings and attach the loose connector once the cable is in place. For complete instructions see this Helpdesk article (in Swedish)...

195 SEK Ex Tax: 156 SEK

3DFactories - PTFE tube for extruder

Replacement part for PROFI3DMAKER and EASY3DMAKER. PFTE tube/hose for extruder, 8 cm. ..

50 SEK Ex Tax: 40 SEK


This glue makes the 3D printed model stick to the 3D printer's build platform. It is best suitable for 3D prints with PLA plastic.Download Material Safety Data Sheet for 3D Glue here. ..

175 SEK Ex Tax: 140 SEK

3DFactories - Extruder Assembly 0.5 mm

Complete 3D printing hot-end for the EASY3DMAKER and PROFI3DMAKER 3D printers...

2,625 SEK Ex Tax: 2,100 SEK